Movie Review: Logan 

Producers:Hutch Parker,Simon Kindergarten,Lauren Shuler Donner
Writer:James Mangold
Director:James Mangold
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant, Dafne Keen

First let me say this movie is rated R where most MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies are PG-13.  And there are 200 expletives, 40 to 50 uses of the “F” word, violence, brief nudity (no sex), smoking, alcohol use, children in danger and a suggestion of children being tortured.

And if this bothers you then skip this movie, and just in case you’ve lost you ever loving mind: No don’t take any children to see this movie.

Now on to the review.  Spoiler alert.  Logan takes place some time in the future.  This isn’t the future where Sentinels fly the skies rounding up mutants.  No this is the future where Professor Xavier suffers from dementia and his powers are out of control so out of control that they can stop people from functioning to the point of death.  This is the future where Logan’s adamantine body is slowly poisoning him to death.  Where Logan is a rent-a-chauffeur trying to scrape enough money together to buy a boat to get the professor as far from humanity as possible.  And this is a future where mutants have been genetically excised from existence.  

Logan’s nights are filled with driving people to one place from another.  Along with large bottles of whiskey and pain killers.  Logan is old (170), old in face and body .  Every time he uses his claws it causes more pain to him then to the others.  That is if he can get the claw all the way out.  And when he isn’t doing that he is scamming drugs from hospital interns to keep Xavier’s seizures from happening. 

Then Logan meets Gabriela a nurse who recognizes him as the wolverine and asks for help.  He rudely rejects her and she drives off with a little girl looking back at him.  But this meeting results in a meeting with a man with a bionic hand who claims to know what Logan has been doing.  He hands Logan a card and tells him to call him if he see Gabriela again.

He does see her again and she offers him enough money for him to buy the boat for Xavier the only catch is she and the girl have to be across the border to Canada from North Dakota.  He leaves with part of the money but when he returns Gabriela is dead and the girl is no where to be found.

When he returns to Xavier he finds that he and the girl, Laura, have been talking, and Xavier tells Logan that Laura is a lot like him.  This is proven when the man with the bionic hand comes to Logan’s home with similarly enhanced men to take Laura.  Who responds by sprouting adamantine claws from her hands and feet and carnage ensues.

Logan, Laura, and Xavier go on the run. Logan stops in Las Vegas to get a new car, while there Xavier and Laura watch Shane.  Laura who has never seen a movie and has always been institutionalized gets her first glimpse of what a family is from the movie.

Later when Logan helps a farmer, who insists on giving them a home cooked meal Laura is again exposed to what a family is supposed to be. But trouble comes to the farmer and Logan, like Alan Ladd in Shane, goes with the farmer to help.  While gone the man with the bionic hand comes back with help, the doctor who created Laura and a clone of Logan.  The clone enters the house slaughtering every one in there while getting Laura and killing Xavier who thinks that the clone is Logan. Logan and the farmer return and Logan gets the girl when the farmer pins the clone to a tree with his dying strength.  Logan and the girl escape in the confusion.

This isn’t the end of the story.  There is much more.  Logan is the equivalent of DC’s Dark Knight. It is the best movie they have made and it is so different from the rest of the MCU movies that it makes me wonder if I will be happy with any of the other releases. This director has pulled out of the actors a depth of performance that is awe inspiring.  The emotional depth displayed by Stewart and Jackman has to be seen to be believed. This is a great film and to call it just a super hero movie is to miss out completely what they have done here. 

I give Logan four stars I would have given it more but the amount of expletives made me take back one star.  Go see it adults only.


Frenetic Friday

Everybody is talking about Michael Brown’s killing there is a lot of discussion on both conservative and liberal regarding what to do.  However, I think another Michael Brown has some excellent points.

Five Obvious Lessons From Ferguson, MO

Like many Americans, I have carefully followed the news from Ferguson, MO involving the tragic shooting of an 18-year-old African American, with the notable exception that he carries my name. And so, every day, I’m reading about the shooting of Michael Brown and the death of Michael Brown and the autopsy of Michael Brown, all of which reminds me of the very real loss of life involved.

As I reflect on what is happening in Ferguson and interact with callers to my radio show, there are five obvious lessons to be learned. Read more here

And while violence has been going on here in America in Iraq ISIL (or ISIS) has murdered a reporter that was kidnapped in 2012 and threatens to kill another here is something that must be seen:

Too often when murders like this happen we go to extremes and lump everyone who is Islamic under one big umbrella at that point we have become what we most despise.

In Australia in an open letter to the Australian Education Minister Dr. David van Gend questions whether there is really a gay bullying plague in schools.  Citing a 2003 study done in the UK where  “they found no increase bullying of gay men compared to heterosexual men.”  It went on to say “there are many reasons to be bullied at school – for being too smart, too dumb; too fat, too weak; or for being “gay” even when you are not gay.”  Read more here

Speaking of atheists Richard Dawkins a prominent atheist decided to really endear himself to the parents of down syndrome children by saying this in twitter:

When outrage erupted because of this Dawkins claimed that his view was “very civilized”  because fetuses don’t have “human feelings”.  You know I love when they switch to Latin in an effort to obfuscate  their meaning.  But here is something, fetus is Latin for baby.  So let’s rewrite that sentence.  When outrage erupted because of this Dawkins claimed that his view was “very civilized” because babies don’t have “human feelings.”   My only question is who really doesn’t have “human feelings” here?

Switching to technology have you heard of the app called Ignore No More?  A Houston mom created it after her child ignored her phone calls and texts.  The app works by locking the child’s phone if they don’t respond to the calls or texts of the parent.  If the phone becomes locked the child has a list of contacts he can call to unlock his phone but while it is locked texting, game playing, surfing the internet is gone.  Although calling 911 will always be allowed.

Speaking of phones, selfies can kill you case in point a Polish couple fell off a cliff and into the ocean while taking a selfie of themselves.  Just put down the phone and back away from the cliff, please.

And at Adam4d we have the great bible translation debate.

Take a look it is a lot of fun.

Last but not least what happens when you have too much time on your hands?  You build your own set of air powered Wolverine claws.

Good night!








Movie Review: Wolverine

There are certain iconic characters in comics and films that I really get torqued when they screw it up.  This is one of the reasons I won’t see the Lone Ranger not even if you paid me.  Wolverine is one of those characters.  And fortunately they have made a good film.  Unlike that abomination they had made previous to this. 

This story line follows somewhat the Frank Miller story which finds Logan (Wolverine) in Japan.  Why is he in Japan? It is at the request of a man whose life he saved in World War II, a Japanese soldier that  risked his own life to free Logan when the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.  Now that man is dying and wants to offer Logan something he doesn’t have: a chance to become normal. 

Logan travels to Japan and he goes for many reasons he is still torn up from killing Jean Grey. He has nightmares all the time where he kills her again and again.  And he’s lost hope he isn’t the man he was and this lack of purpose keeps him hiding on a mountain in a state of drunk.  So he goes from a sense of duty he once had but doesn’t know why he still has it.

However, once in Japan he realizes that things are as them seem to be and that he has been dragged into a web of deceit and betrayal. 

This is a fast paced movie lots of action scenes, the fight scene on top of the bullet train is worth the price of the ticket alone.  Adult language, implied sex (nothing shown), and a lot of drinking.  keep this in mind and I don’t suggest anyone under fifteen. 

Wolverine gets four adamantine claws out of five.