Earworm Wednesday: Mike Massé ~ America (Simon and Garfunkel) 

So I see this commercial all the time where this family takes a road trip because of the dying request of their grandfather who wanted to see America but time and other things made it impossible.  And this is the song playing as this car commercial does its level best to wring all the emotional content it can and maybe bring a tear to your eyes. 

 So I give you Mike Massé, Sterling Cottam, and Jeff Hall singing America. 


Earworm Wednesday: What is life~Weird Al Yankovic

So they had 2014’s Georgefest on TV celebrating the work of George Harrison, and if you don’t know who that is go ask your father or perhaps your grandfather. Back to the topic.  In it they had Weird Al Yankovic sing What is life.  And in a performance that is uniquely his he managed to keep this song in my head for four days straight.  I give you Weird Al:

Earworm Wednesday: While my guitar gently weeps

So Prince died last week and while there is a lot that can be said about the man the one thing that can’t be denied is that God blessed him with more musical talent than many other so-called musicians.  An example of this is seen in this clip where his guitar solo is an example of his complete mastery of the instrument.  Enjoy.

Earworm Wednesday: Incubus Paint it Black (Stones Cover)

You may have noticed that there wasn’t a movie review this week it is because I am writing one for Credo Covenant this week where I examine the Hobbit trilogy of movies.

However, not wanting to neglect this blog I decided to find a cover of a Rolling Stones song.  I must admit that I like Carl Trueman have a fondness for the Stones and I will on rare occasions will have them playing in my vehicle much to the chagrin of younger passengers that may be riding along. 

Here is Incubus playing Paint it Black enjoy.