Earworm Wednesday: You Don’t Know How It Feels ~ Walk Off The Earth

Haven’t seen WOTE lately so I was pleasantly surprised to find this cover of the late Tom Petty enjoy.


Earworm Wednesday: Don’t Stop Believing ~ Postmodern Jukebox

Now if I were one of those people who make everything secular into some sort of Christian evangelical message I would talk about how we need to keep believing but no the truth is that I found this on YouTube and I have been playing it all this week. And the fact that it was done in one take is cool.

Earworm Wednesday: Killer Queen ~ Fredde Gredde

Well now, things are improving health wise at the house.  Mrs. Keachfan is able to walk around a little but like anything time is the number one healer.  

So it comes to this Queen’s song, ‘Killer Queen’ was on the radio and well I was humming it all day much to the annoyance of my co-workers.  So I found an enterprising young man who covered the song uniquely.

Earworm Wednesday: Father and Son ~Jun

So I went to Guardians of the Galaxy volume two over the weekend, and yes next Monday there will be a review.  So like the first movie they had a great sound track in this one. And one of the songs was this originally done by Cat Stevens or as he is known now Yusuf Islam.  And I found this cover done by Jun and I think he did a good job.

Earworm Wednesday: 25 or 6 to 4 Leonid &  Friends 

If you hang around Dan Phillips (@BibChr)   for any time you learn a number of different things about him.  His passion for the Word of God, his expository preaching, his well written articles on just about everything, and his love of the band Chicago. So needless to say this week Chicago has been galumping through the old noggin.  And I think I found a cover band that does them justice.