Earworm Wednesday: Killer Queen ~ Fredde Gredde

Well now, things are improving health wise at the house.  Mrs. Keachfan is able to walk around a little but like anything time is the number one healer.  

So it comes to this Queen’s song, ‘Killer Queen’ was on the radio and well I was humming it all day much to the annoyance of my co-workers.  So I found an enterprising young man who covered the song uniquely.


Earworm Wednesday: Bohemian Rhapsody a story 

So some enterprising person took Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and made it into a mini movie.  That deserves a place on the Wednesday night line up. 

Earworn Wednesday: Your My Best Friend~The Once

Written by John Deacon the bassist for Queen. He wrote it for his wife and it appeared on Queen’s album A Night at the Opera.

The Once is a folk trio based out of St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada and I had never heard of them before until I was watching a show on Hulu and heard this rendition of “Your my Best Friend” on it and the sound of Geraldine Hollett’s voice pulled me right in and I had to find out who this group was.

So without further ado here is The Once.