Earworm Wednesday: Killer Queen ~ Fredde Gredde

Well now, things are improving health wise at the house.  Mrs. Keachfan is able to walk around a little but like anything time is the number one healer.  

So it comes to this Queen’s song, ‘Killer Queen’ was on the radio and well I was humming it all day much to the annoyance of my co-workers.  So I found an enterprising young man who covered the song uniquely.

Earworn Wednesday: Your My Best Friend~The Once

Written by John Deacon the bassist for Queen. He wrote it for his wife and it appeared on Queen’s album A Night at the Opera.

The Once is a folk trio based out of St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada and I had never heard of them before until I was watching a show on Hulu and heard this rendition of “Your my Best Friend” on it and the sound of Geraldine Hollett’s voice pulled me right in and I had to find out who this group was.

So without further ado here is The Once.

Earworm Wednesday: Crazy little thing called love (Queen Cover)~ Randler Music

So according to the Covers Project this song has been covered by everyone from Dwight Yokum to the Chipmunks!  Don’t worry this isn’t the Chipmunks it is Randler Music.  Who on their YouTube page has this in their about section:  We like music yes we do we like music how about you?  Well yes I do and here is a crazy little thing called love: