So my laptop died the other day and I had to replace the hard drive with a new one.  I opted for a solid state drive and after I installed the drive and reinstalled the operating system I was doing my usual “Things to do after installing Xubu 16.04 LTS” when I noticed a caveat regarding solid state drives.  It was a warning that solid state drives need a few extra tweaks to make it work well and long.  So I have yet to do the tweaks because​, well, I haven’t done this before and my natural inclination is to read about it five times and then do it around midnight.  

So I am obsessing over the fine tuning, and since it is spring Mrs. Keachfan wants me to remove non-working hardware.  Which everything in my little hacker heart screams no.  So I will be busy this week and still try to get a few thing written.  


OS Woes

Well my main desktop Windows operating system otherwise know as Satan!   Has decided to remove my linux partition and corrupt my grub configuration file.  So I have spent the weekend remaking my desktop.  The linux partition was easy to recreate but the windows of course has taken the most of the time and I am still not done.  I would go completely linux but unfortunately there is still a few needed programs that linux doesn’t have.  So once the desktop is finished the normal posting will continue. 

Linux part two

Well it was a long night and I will admit there were some fits and starts mostly caused by myself.  One thing I have learned is that not everyone on the internet know what their talking about especially when most of the linux peopple point to them as the go to guy for dual booting.  Yes Sidekick I’ve chosen to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Why keep Windows?  Well as I was cleaning up my machine removing programs that I no longer used because their alternates exist in Linux, I saw that there still existed a few necessary programs that only could be run in Windows and Wine wouldn’t run them.  Now I could perhaps have set up a virtual machine and done it but my only disk copy of Windows is XP and these programs are Windows 7. 

So why Ubuntu and not Xubuntu well mainly because I have enough ram on the desktop machine as opposed to my laptop.  Now that may change I may go through this one more time and put Xubuntu on the machine but right now it is going to be Ubuntu. 

And we now return control of your monitor to you.