Earworm Wednesday

Management would like to announce that there will be no Earworm Wednesday this week.  Please tune in next week for another Earworm Wednesday.  


Earworm Wednesday: End of the Line ~The Traveling Wilburys

This is dedicated to all my former co-workers and friends at my former place of employment.  We had a good run, we made quality products, and we provided great customer support.  But in the providence of God that came to an end and something else is planned for us.  May we glorify God for that, and not grumble and complain.  

Earworm Wednesday: Mike Massé ~ America (Simon and Garfunkel) 

So I see this commercial all the time where this family takes a road trip because of the dying request of their grandfather who wanted to see America but time and other things made it impossible.  And this is the song playing as this car commercial does its level best to wring all the emotional content it can and maybe bring a tear to your eyes. 

 So I give you Mike Massé, Sterling Cottam, and Jeff Hall singing America.