Earworm Wednesday: Billie Jean ~ Chris Cornell

The late Chris Cornell takes this classic from Michael Jackson strips it down and gives it a very raw visceral sound.


Earworm Wednesday:  We Belong ~Wye Oak

If you have watched the Walking Dead or Longmire you probably have heard Wye Oak’s Civilian.  This indie duo that takes its name from their birth state’s tree (go look it up).  

So when I just couldn’t get rid of this Pat Benatar hit I started looking for someone who covered it and did it well.  I  found two and Wye Oak won.  take a moment and enjoy.

Earworm Wednesday: In the air tonight ~ Daughtry featuring Brad Arnold

Here is a blast from the eighties off of Phil Collins solo production 1981’s Face Value .  This iconic song has an interesting urban legend associated with it that Collins has said multiple times isn’t what the song is about.  Even so the lyrics portray and intense anger that builds as the song goes on.  Covering this song is Chris Daughtry who does an excellent job on his own but he invites Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down and they knock it out of the park  Enjoy.