Earworm Wednesday: Psalm 61~ Matthew Ward

This is from 2nd Chapter of Acts’ How the West was Won tour.  I had the chance to see them live on their farewell tour it was quite the concert. 


Earworm Wednesday: Hope to Carry On~Caedmon’s Call

One of my favorite Rich Mullins songs was covered by one of my favorite bands.  And has been playing in the background of my head for thirtysix hours at the time of this post.  So here is Caedmon’s Call with Hope to Carry On.

Earworm Wednesday: White Heart Independence Day

This is brought to you by Les and Tanner the hosts of the Reformed Pubcast where beer, theology, science, games, and pop culture is examined through a Christian worldview.  So these guys tweeted the other day what 90’s Christian band did I like best.  Right then I knew that:  A.  I was much older that these two guys and  B.  I didn’t know any 90’s Christian band now if they had asked me 70’s I would have said 2ND Chapter of Acts or Dallas Holm and Praise right off the top of my head.  Finally I came up with White Heart.  So here is Independence Day by White Heart.  And I can say that I’ve never seen this video before I found it on youtube, which is a good thing because I would never had listened to this group if I had seen this video.