Movie Review: The Accountant 

Producer:  Lynette Howell Taylor, Mark Williams
Director:  Gavin O’Connor
Writer:  Bill Dubuque
Cast: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J. K. Simmons, Jon Bertha, Jeffrey Tabor, Cynthia Addai Robinson, John Lithgow
The Accountant tells the story what appears to be an accountant someone who works out is a strip mall and is affected by a form of autism. This  allows him to focus on his bookeeping to the point that he can take boxes of paperwork that fills a room and find the hidden accounts.  

But that isn’t all as you learn through flashbacks he was trained by his father, along with his brother, to shoot, fight, and in general become a killing machine.  His autism effects this too as his focus is absolute whether it is in placing his shots perfectly or knowing precisely how to disarm and kill a person.  

During this entire time there is a treasury agent trying to find the accountant as he is the accountant to not just mom and pop businesses but also to drug cartels, terrorist organizations, and the Mafia.  But he has his identity so well there is no clear picture of him only the back of his head.  

This is an interesting story.  I remember reading an article from Sweden on how they were using some people with a form of autism in network repair and coding as they are able to focus on the problem ignoring all distractions.  And this movie seems to build on that premise.  Ben Affleck also does a good performance as someone who has to mimic normal human emotions in order to blend in with other people.  As well as to learn how to read those emotions on other people’s faces.  

If you’re looking for action there is enough in this movie to satisfy you.  As well as some twists that you may not expect.  Because it is rated “R” it has its share of profanity and violence and is more suitable for an older teen audience at the least.

I give this movie three and a half stars.


Movie Review: Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Cast: Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley, Kenneth Branagh

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Based on characters created by Tom Clancy

Jack Ryan is an iconic character, he has been played by Adam Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck. Now Chris Pines has taken the mantle upon him and while he is a great James T. Kirk he is a mediocre Jack Ryan.   Now let me explain my prejudices, in my opinion Harrison Ford is the best Jack Ryan and all others pale.  So when I think of Jack Ryan I see Harrison Ford, similar as when I think of James Bond I see Sean Connery with Daniel Craig tagging along.  Also I prefer films that are based upon the books that Tom Clancy actually wrote. I’ve read most of the Jack Ryan series and frankly to write a story based on the character that Clancy created doesn’t do much for me.

Having said that let me say that what was presented wasn’t bad, wasn’t great but wasn’t bad.  I didn’t care for the chemistry or lack there of between Chris Pines and Keira Knightley.  Branagh did a good job with the directing and his presence as the villain was a bonus in the film.  Kevin Costner seemed tired  in this film.  I’m not saying he is phoning it in but the intensity that he had in say No Way Out doesn’t show up in this film.  Now granted Costner was a younger man in that film but he has had that same intensity in say Open Range.  I really wanted to see more of that than what I got with him as Ryan’s handler.

There is some action in this movie but again it seems patched in, this didn’t have Clancy’s pacing to it.  The action was more like a shiny object you focus in on it and you’re fascinated by what is happening but the why of the action, the reason seems to be missing.

I’m going to give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.  And I hope that perhaps the next Jack Ryan movie will be based upon Debt of Honor or Executive Order.

On a side note WordPress let me know that this blog turned two last week.  Thanks to all of you who have taken time to see what is going on here and put up with my ramblings.


Movie Review Argo

Well if you watch the debacle that was the academy awards then you know that Argo won best picture award.

Now I saw Argo literally two hours before I watched the Oscars. So I may have been biased with regards to the other films in that category.

Still I would encourage you to watch this dramatization of what the Canadian ambassador and the CIA did to get out the six people that took refuge in the ambassador’s house.

Having said that I would point out there is adult language used through out the movie so be aware of that and take appropriate measures.

I give this five stars out of five.