Os Woes

Unfortunately I decided to upgrade my 32 bit machine instead of just doing a clean install of the new LTS release.  And it has been 16 hours.  I have actually started this yesterday and went to bed got up and went to work and came back and it still isn’t done.  
And that is why it is better to do a clean install than upgrade.  I have learned my lesson.  Although my friend and companion Robin will probably tsk tsk when he reads this.  

Under Construction part deux

And I am back.  I have found a work around for my hardware issues it is just a patch but it will get me going.   So the blog is going active today, actually tonight once I get back from my mundane work.  Expect an Earworm Wednesday tomorrow.  And hopefully a Theology Thursday.  (Yeah Robin!)

Under Construction

In more ways than one.  As I started to make changes to the blog I developed some hardware issues with my main desktop computer.  Do until that is fixed the blog is down. 

Frenetic Friday

You look around seems a nice place for some much needed shore leave when Bones grabs your arm and points to a white rabbit in a waistcoat saying “Oh, dear, oh dear it’s Frenetic Friday!”

And down the rabbit hole we go. First up is politics.

So in case you haven’t heard the sixth court of appeals in reviewing the ban on same sex marriage in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee said they do not violate the federal Constitution.

Here’s a summary:

1. The Supreme Court’s summary ruling in Baker v. Nelson (1972) binds federal courts of appeals to hold that state laws that define marriage as the union of a man and a woman are constitutional. The Court’s ruling last year in Windsor v. United States doesn’t overrule Baker, nor does it clash with it. Neither of the two preconditions for ignoring Supreme Court precedent applies. Nor do the Court’s recent denials of certiorari in other marriage cases have any bearing. (Slip op. at 13-17.)

2. Under the original meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment, state marriage laws are clearly constitutional. (17-18.)

3. State marriage laws easily survive rational-basis review. It is rational to define marriage as a male-female union because (a) governmental recognition of marriage operates to regulate the intended and unintended effects of male-female intercourse (19-21), and (b) it’s reasonable for the people of a state to assess how the benefits and burdens of redefining marriage are playing out in other states before they decide whether to take that step (21-22). “Any other approach would create line-drawing problems of its own.” (See 22-23.)

4. State marriage laws do not reflect animus. (24-28.)

5. There is no “fundamental right” to SSM. (28-31.)

6. Under Sixth Circuit precedent, rational-basis review applies to sexual-orientation classifications. Windsor says nothing to the contrary. (31-35.)

7. Under an “evolving meaning” approach to the Constitution, the relevant measure is society’s values, not judges’ values. “Freed of federal-court intervention, thirty-one States would continue to define marriage the old-fashioned way.” (35-38.)

Source:National Review Online

Of course this will force the hand of the Supreme Court as basically it divides the country by saying that same sex marriage is both legal and illegal in the country. Plus the proponents of same sex marriage will not be satisfied until it is legal in all fifty states.

Albert Mohler covers this brilliantly in his briefing podcast as well as discusses Ligioner and Lifeway’s theology poll that I linked to last week. Read the transcript here.

Now moving to Northern Ireland it appears that a Christian Bakery is in trouble because it refuses to make a cake featuring the Sesame Street characters Bert and Earnie that is being used to promote same sex marriage.

Ashers Baking Co, based in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, was told by a Government equalities agency that it was guilty of “unlawful religious, political and sexual orientation discrimination” for its stance on the Sesame Street-themed dessert.

Just to lay it out for you the religious portion comes from the fact that the owners are Christian and are holding to their biblically based views which violates the rights of customer who doesn’t hold those views. Political because the bakers are against the current political policy, and sexual orientation, well I think you can figure that out.

Now the ironic thing about all of this is that Sesame Street has always maintained that Bert and Earnie are not a gay couple. (Open Sesame) But the gay activists have co-opted the characters for their own agenda.

However, in the meantime Asher’s Baking Co must pit it’s small bank account against the wealth of the government of Great Britain. Read more here.

Changing to the new and outré but staying in Great Britain the very first breakfast café has opened. With over hundred varieties of breakfast cereal and different kinds of milk the customer can make his very own breakfast bowl consisting of different combination of cereal. The café will be decorated in the breakfast cereal theme consisting of different boxes and other cereal memorabilia. Who is responsible for all this? Twin brothers Alan and Gary Keery who love breakfast and turned this love into a business. (Source)

And now for a bit of a rib tickler here is an article from Teaching Good Things about a homeschool victim who survived!

Moving to technology if you’ve seen any of the Iron Man movies you know that when Tony Stark puts on his helmet he doesn’t actually see through those eye slits instead he “sees” via a heads up display. Well life imitates art with this new motorcycle helmet.

Sticking with tech news I think my co-author Robin pointed me to this bit of news. China has decided to remove all Windows based operating systems from their computers. They have decided to create a state sponsored Linux version and plan on being windows free by 2020. So far fifteen OS programmers are working on the operating system. China has also banned all computers that have Window 8 on them because of spying concerns. (source: Maximumpc.com)

And now in Robotic Over Lord news:

US Needs a New Robotics Agency or the Machine Overlords Will Win … Or Something

Yes from Nextgov.com comes a story where assistant law professor Ryan Calo says that ” The U.S. government’s ‘hopelessly piecemeal’ approach to robotics could allow other countries to leapfrog us in innovation”.

Federal Robotics Commission would be small by agency standards. “Ideally, it would be staffed by robotics experts,” Calo told Nextgov Monday. “That would be folks who are expert in software, in hardware, in human-robot interaction.”

Calo said he would put engineers and others with backgrounds in mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science right alongside experts in law and policy.

He isn’t looking to regulate robotics, he said.

“The agency would advise on issues at all levels — state and federal, domestic and foreign, civil and criminal — that touch upon the unique aspects of robotics and artificial intelligence and the novel human experiences these technologies generate,” he said. (source: Nextgov.com)

I don’t know about you but personally I’ve never seen a federal agency that didn’t end up regulating what they were assigned to advise. Which actually may be a good thing because with a government agency regulating our Robotic Over Lords the robotic apocalypse will never occur.

That’s it for Frenetic Friday now everyone out of the rabbit hole.

OS Woes

Well my main desktop Windows operating system otherwise know as Satan!   Has decided to remove my linux partition and corrupt my grub configuration file.  So I have spent the weekend remaking my desktop.  The linux partition was easy to recreate but the windows of course has taken the most of the time and I am still not done.  I would go completely linux but unfortunately there is still a few needed programs that linux doesn’t have.  So once the desktop is finished the normal posting will continue. 

Linux part two

Well it was a long night and I will admit there were some fits and starts mostly caused by myself.  One thing I have learned is that not everyone on the internet know what their talking about especially when most of the linux peopple point to them as the go to guy for dual booting.  Yes Sidekick I’ve chosen to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Why keep Windows?  Well as I was cleaning up my machine removing programs that I no longer used because their alternates exist in Linux, I saw that there still existed a few necessary programs that only could be run in Windows and Wine wouldn’t run them.  Now I could perhaps have set up a virtual machine and done it but my only disk copy of Windows is XP and these programs are Windows 7. 

So why Ubuntu and not Xubuntu well mainly because I have enough ram on the desktop machine as opposed to my laptop.  Now that may change I may go through this one more time and put Xubuntu on the machine but right now it is going to be Ubuntu. 

And we now return control of your monitor to you.

Linux woes

So years ago I bought a laptop, I had wanted the mobility it promised as I didn’t wanted to be tied to my desktop if I wanted to code or read e-mail on the go. Well that was when XP was growing old and Vista was about to be the bright new shiny piece Microsoft pain in the southern posterior.

As with all electronics it became out dated by the time I got home. Which in case you didn’t know is SOP when it comes to computers. But I made the most of it until Microsoft in it’s infinite series of updates made my laptop run so slow I thought it was one of Babbage’s steam driven difference engines. I had a person I worked with suggest I try linux. A good idea I had grown bitter with the lack of control I had felt with Microsoft but at the same time I had no desire to return to the land of the command prompt.

So I looked for a distro that would be easy to install work on my older hardware and have a windows style interface. Hello Miint! This was what I wanted it made my laptop boot faster run smoother and I didn’t need virus software. Oh this was paradise not only that but I found equivalents for all of the various software I had been using and a great office suite.

Unfortunately Mint lost it’s freshness when it moved to a new desktop and when the support for my hardware also started to disappear. Again I went looking for a distro with ease of use and support for older hardware. Welcome to Xubuntu a (at that time) lightweight distro that again brought once again speed and ease of use to my laptop and the same software that was on Mint was available on Xubuntu.

Well here I am once again putting a different linux distro on my old laptop, this time it is Peppermint Os a hyper-cloud distro that makes use of web based apps that will supposedly improve the speed of my system.

So will I ever buy a new laptop? Probably not laptops are becoming passe and tablets are the new best thing and not only that but if Ubuntu’s promo is any indication of things to come my purchases will be running on linux.