Frenetic Friday Night

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A Charlie Brown’s Winter Holiday.

It seems as we get closer to Christmas the grinchier the secularists become.  Case in point:  In Johnson County, Kentucky the school district has censored a stage production of a Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  Seems the portion where Linus steps out on the stage and quotes the second chapter of Luke is verboten.  In other schools in the district they were told to remove any “religious” content from their Christmas productions.  Silent Night became Whip/Nae Nae.  But I have a question, what will they have Charlie Brown say at that critical juncture?  Will it be “Can anyone tell me the true meaning of Winter Holiday?”<source>

Going from Kentucky to the land of Israel.  Archaeologists have found a 1500 year old marble slab that has Hebrew on it saying “Remembered for good” where the slab was found is the city of Kursi, where they believe the Gadarene demoniac was healed by having the demons cast from him into swine.  A church was built on the site around 500 A.D. but destroyed in 614 A.D. by the Persians and lost until 1970’s.   Because Christians tended to build churches where important events in the life of Christ occurred the church found there is another indication that it is where the miracle occurred.   <source>

Now on to England where a hospitalized convert to Christianity illustrates what it means to count the cost.

Nissar Hussain a convert from Islam to Christianity was beaten by his Muslim neighbors because they consider him an apostate, but this is just one incident in fifteen years of being persecuted for his faith.

n the UK, three weeks ago, Nissar was beaten to within an inch of his life by Muslim neighbours to revile him as an apostate and a blasphemer. “They split my kneecap,” he told Breitbart London. “The doctor told me that’s the hardest bone in your body, it takes a lot of force to break it. But when they were beating me I kept my arms around my head and kept moving. One blow like that to my head and I would have been a gonner.”

“I never thought in my wildest imagination this would happen” he said. “When I first converted I knew I knew I’d be shunned. I’d get a few name calls, maybe angry reactions through confrontation here and there, but I never thought it would come to this – years of physical, verbal, criminal abuse and then suddenly almost my life being snuffed out. All because of their taking offense to me being a convert.”

Read more of his inspiring story here:  Hospitalized Christian Convert

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Recognize that?  It is the first amendment of the United States Constitution.  Now watch this:

Think about that.  Makes you wonder how many other rights they would petition away.

Men every so often we are confronted by the need to do something special for our special someone on the holidays.  Being men sometimes we need some instructions to get it right so with that in mind here is a PSA from the Art of Manliness.

Grab those hammers!

And that is it for Frenetic Friday Night!  There will not be a Frenetic Friday Night next week because it is Christmas.

Good night!




Frenetic Friday on a Saturday!

So four days ago this video was posted.

Of course the American Holocaust has made Reichsführer-SS Himmler and Reichsmarschall Göring look like pikers with 56 million abortions since Roe v Wade but even they would be impressed by the ingenuity of the leaders of the holocaust.  After all the best they could do was the dental commandos who pried the gold out of the teeth of the murdered Jews just before their bodies were incinerated.  However R. C. Sproul Jr. has said it best:

As horrible as that might be, the reality is that before this video was taken and despite what I described the real horror was that babies are being killed. We get up in arms when we see stories like this one. We get up in arms when we hear about Kermit Gosnell. We get up in arms when we hear that 90% of all children diagnosed as suffering from Down syndrome will be aborted. We get horrified at sex selection abortion; this kind of abortion, that kind of abortion; abortion in this context or abortion in that context. But we don’t get horrified by abortion itself. The hue and cry, the hair on fire response of conservatives over this latest atrocity, in my judgment, is further evidence that we have completely forgotten the real atrocity.

It’s not the harvesting of parts, it’s not the selling of parts. It’s killing babies; that is where the horror is. But if you’re like me all of your social media feeds are filled with all of the angst about this horror. And when I politely point out, as is my want – it is not the first time I’ve made this point, but when I make the case, “hey, what are you screaming about this for? Where were you last week when body parts were simply thrown away instead of sold, as far as we knew?” And I get the response, “oh, maybe this will wake people up. Maybe this will change things.”

If killing babies doesn’t change things, selling their parts won’t; eating their parts won’t. Babies are being killed and with them our consciences. That is why we get upset about this instead of because of the real horror-because we have gotten used to the murder of the unborn; because we have allowed our rhetoric, our politics, our media to forget that babies are being murdered.

In politics President Obama has brokered a deal with Iran regarding their making of nuclear weapons.  Supposedly this will keep Iran from making a nuclear weapon for ten years.  I’m not saying it’s not worth the paper it is written on but when the Religion of Peace (ROP here after) has such concepts as hiyal, taqiya, and kitman in it all just say I remain a cynic on their promises.  However, that is not what I want to talk about.  Pastor Saeed Abedini an Iranian Muslim turned Christian who left his country in 2005 because of religious persecution.  In 2009 he returned to Iran to visit his family and was arrested but released with the proviso that he could only return to Iran for non-sectarian humanitarian aid.  In 2012 he returned to again visit his family and to continue his work on build an orphanage in the city of Rasht.  He was then arrested and convicted his crime was he “undermined the Iranian government by creating a network of Christian house churches and … attempting to sway Iranian youth away from Islam.”  On May 11 the Senate of the United States passed a resolution (90 to 0) that called on Iran to release of not only Pastor Abedni but also Amir Hekmati, and Jason Rezaian imprisoned in Iran.  And so what has President Obama done about this?  Nothing.

If you haven’t checked out Fred Butler’s blog Hip and Thigh your missing out.  I’ve been a faithful reader for a long time and although I disagree with his dispensational hermeneutic he is very insightful.  He’s recently posted links to a series of messages by Don Green of Truth Community Church regarding the Bible and Homosexuality that will be worth your time to listen.  Click the church link to go to the messages.

And now a word or two from our Robotic Over Lords.

A while back I saw a 3D printer that basically prints out a house from cement but that is a just a goldbricker (pun intended) when it comes to this robot that can make a brick house in minutes.

And now in this corner we have the first real Mecha ever built Suidobashi’s Kuratas.

And the challenger MegaBots Mark II.

The makers of the Marl II has issued a challenge to Suidobashi a fight to the death between the two robots in one years time.  Agreed said Suidobashi’s CEO Kogoro Kurata but this isn’t going to be large gun battle this will be a hand to hand melee knocking each other to scrap parts.  So next year it’s on!


Thanks for taking the time to read this special edition of Frenetic Friday (on a Saturday) regular posting will commence Monday.


Frenetic Friday

And another Frenetic Friday starts now.

Remember this hash tag: #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS. It is one year since the Boko Haram kidnapped over 200 Nigerian Christian girls and sold them for the equivalent of twelve dollars a piece into sex slavery. Around sixty girls escaped but most remain slaves. A year ago you saw celebrities holding up signs with Bring Back Our Girls printed on them. Where are they now? Where is Ellen , Michelle Obama, or the rest of the celebrities? Now Boko Haram has joined forces with ISIS and continues to kill Christians and sell their daughters into slavery. But who cares? <source>

Has the religious freedom restoration act died down?  BTW do you recall all those Governors saying they were going to boycott Indiana? Well let me show you a picture:

States with Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

Yep those dark-colored ones are all the states with religious freedom restoration acts as law.  Funny you didn’t hear anyone saying they were going to boycott those states did you? That is forty percent of the total United States.  Just think of what would happen if that happened.  But it won’t will it because the Governors know that to boycott that many states would cause financial ruin to their own state.  <source>

Now hide the kids, no I am serious hide the kids!  Because you won’t believe this: from the New York Times comes and article that says pedophilia is a disorder.  According the writer Margo Kaplan pedophilia isn’t the same as child molestation.  After all there are pedophiles that don’t act upon their impulses, rather pedophilia is a “status” not an “act”.  <source>     Two things, first let’s take myself I am a murderer but it’s a status not an act because I haven’t actually committed a murder it’s just a disorder I have, or maybe it’s just sin.  Which is my natural tendency.  Second, this is how it gets accepted into society first it’s a disorder, then it is how they are born, and last they can’t change because it is normal.

Do you have a problem with an atheist visiting your church?  Me neither in fact I think most should visit our churches so they can hear the gospel.  Well how about participating in communion?  Should we allow an atheist to partake of the Lord’s Supper? Most of us would say no, you have to be a believer to partake of the Lord’s Supper because after all the scripture plainly teaches:  Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty concerning the body and blood of the Lord. 1 Cor.11:27 so if you allow and unbeliever to partake you are making him guilty of the death of the Lord.  Think about that.  Yet that is exactly what happened with atheist Sanderson Jones when he went to three churches in London England.  At St. Luke’s Jones said he was keen to take communion and the vicar of St. Luke’s told him that communion was for everyone.  Which doesn’t really follow what scripture teaches.  <source>

And at last we have some people who recognize the danger that our Robotic Over Lords present.  The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots (CSKR) has placed a petition to stop the making of automated bombs or fully autonomous weapons.  These robots have no human controllers they are totally automatic they are set, and they fulfill their mission whether that is to blow up a wall or a person.  CSKR say that life or death decisions can only be made by humans and not programming in a robot.

Good night for Frenetic Friday.



Frenetic Friday

“Even if you accept the belief that a high Trendex automatically means a Frenetic Friday.

Extra brownie points if you recognize what movies these quotes are from.

What takes place next is in Paris after those wonderful days when a siren was a brunette and not an alarm — and if a Frenchman turned out the light, it was not on account of a terrorist attack.

Let’s me blunt, no really, Charlie Hebdo could really be offensive it didn’t matter what religion it was they would create a “cartoon” guaranteed to offend.
But as been pointed out they never worried about being attacked by hordes of Christians or Jews. No there was only really one group.

Of course the current administration has come out in support for Charlie Hebdo. Which is different then what they said in 2012:

MR. CARNEY:  Well, we are aware that a French magazine published cartoons featuring a figure resembling the Prophet Muhammad, and obviously, we have questions about the judgment of publishing something like this.  We know that these images will be deeply offensive to many and have the potential to be inflammatory.  But we’ve spoken repeatedly about the importance of upholding the freedom of expression that is enshrined in our Constitution.  Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney, 9/19/12

And then there is this:

Yes you heard right, Jerry Falwell suing Hustler Magazine was the same as Islamic terrorists killing twelve people.  And another face palm moment for MSNBC.

Switching over to Christianity have you seen this video:

Neither have I seems Devin Rose author of “The Protestant’s Dilemma” decided to take it down after TurretinFan  and Dr. White handed him his head while reviewing his book.   Not only that but when Mr. Rose learned that Dr. White was to be his opponent on Moody’s  Up for Debate he stated that he wouldn’t appear on the show. So Dr. White is out and Greg Quiggle is in.  Now I don’t know Mr. Quiggle but I do intend to listen to the show to hear what he has to say to Rose’s statements.

And last but not least in here is the most over played songs mashed up.

Frenetic Friday

We have a lot to cover today folks and it is all over the place so hold on to your hats we’re approaching ludicrous speed.

ISIS no not the Egyptian pagan deity rather the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria the terrorist group that is running rough shod in Iraq as they move toward Baghdad.  What should the United State’s response to this be?  Mike Konrad at the American Thinker has an answer:  Let them kill each other.

I know, I know, the recent ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) gains have everyone scared.  No doubt, the Islamophilic administration will want to step in, and save Islam from itself once again.  Let me advocate a course of action that will make sense to all sides in America; the left and right; from militarists to pacifists:  Let the Muslims kill each other.oar

After the administration blundered on Benghazi, on the Arab Spring, and Syria, Heaven itself has afforded it one last chance to set itself right.  It is almost impossible for the administration to screw it up.  All it has to do is nothing.

Yes, Nothing!  read the rest here

Now from the Religion of Peace to the Presbyterian Church to be precise the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA).  The 221st General Assembly of the PCUSA has passed a measure to approve PCUSA pastors to perform same sex marriages where it is legal.  They followed this up with a change to the book of order so that a marriage is no longer defined by a man and a woman but instead by two persons.  This prompted the board of directors of the Presbyterian Lay Committee to send a message to the General Assembly calling what they had done an abomination and to call for repentance and reform.

It is uncertain how this will ultimately affect not only the PCUSA denomination but the missionary organizations that have ties to the church.  I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet (ht: James White) but I think it is safe to say that some of the PCUSA churches and congregations will separate from the denomination because of this.

David Prince (Prince on Preaching) has written and excellent blog post on Christianity and the New Liberalism:  Homosexuality and the Evangelical Church.

J. Gresham Machen is most well known for his opposition to liberal Protestantism and his trenchant defense of orthodox Christianity. He served as a professor of New Testament at Princeton Seminary for 23 years during the time of the fundamentalist-modernist controversy. In 1929, Machen left because of encroaching liberalism to form Westminster Theological Seminary. In his classic, Christianity and Liberalism (1923), he argued that liberalism was an altogether different religion than Christianity. Read the rest here.

Lastly Kevin DeYoung has five questions for Christians who believe the Bible supports Gay Marriage.

Do you know who Alton Brown is?  Alton Brown is the host of the popular Good Eats program as well as other shows on the Food Network.  But did you know that he was a Christian?  In this article here Alton tells about how his faith and relationship with God are intertwined with his cooking.  But that isn’t all.  Here is a video of Alton Brown showing you how to make the barley loaves that are used in the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. (John 6:9)

HT Les and Tanner

And here is something from Harley Davidson to peak your interest an Electric Powered Motorcycle.

Finally this is addressed to the single dudes out there from the Matt Walsh Blog:  IT IS TIME TO MAN UP!

And thus ends the Frenetic Friday.  Remember to come back next week as I point you to interesting things happening all around us.  And Robots too.


Frenetic Friday: Religion of Peace

Today’s post come mostly from Persecution.Org so let’s start:

Do you know what a hundred lashes feels like?  The apostle Paul does although it was only 99 each time it happened to him.  But imagine you are a a young mother expecting your second child, alone away from your husband and child, in a prison waiting for the unimaginable to occur.  You are about to be beaten because you are an adulteress.    But, it isn’t because you have slept with another man besides your husband, no it is because the government in Sudan doesn’t recognize your marriage because your husband is a Christian!  And because you are pregnant with his child according to Sharia  influenced  law your are an adulteress.  And because you are a Christian your a heretic so besides being beaten you are also in danger of being executed.

Pregnant mother in Sudan faces 100 lashings and death for Christian conversion.

It is Easter you are meeting with your fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord celebrating the resurrection of our Lord when in come security forces arresting all that are in the church taking them out in two white vans not to be seen again.  Such was the fate of a house-church in Iran which was raided by security forces this has become common place in Iran where Christians have been jailed for long prison terms and churches have been shut down.

Christian converts arrested at Easter service in Iran.

700 women and children,  between the ages of 12 and 25, every year.  Sounds ominous doesn’t it.  Sounds like a statistic in which a celebrity wearing some colored ribbon would step out on a stage and ask if you could please give to help stop this from happening.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Help stop something that is affecting 700 women and children?  Well it won’t happen because what is happening is that those women and children are being forced to become Muslim.   And no celebrity wants to get involved.  Where is this happening?  Pakistan where Christian women are abducted, forced to convert ot Islam and then married to a Muslim man, and raped.  And because the exact number isn’t known the amount of Christian women and children are probably higher.

Forced conversion of Christian women and children.

School girls in Nigeria, 230 of them, kidnapped by Islamic extremists.  Do I need to say any more?

Pray for Christians in these countries that they can endure.





Frenetic Friday

So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you it is Frenetic Friday.

It has been so long since we had a religion of peace update I thought we’d take a look and see the latest.   A film has been made to show the plight of women under Islamic rule.  It is called Honor Diaries.  It shows exactly what happens to women in Muslim  dominant countries.  Here is the trailer:

Well needless to say this hasn’t set well with CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and they have cried foul.  But Megyn Kelly has given them a mega slap down!

With thanks to the Acts 17 Apologetics. (

Put down that camera phone!  What you haven’t heard?  Seems that Selfies  (self portraits taken by either phone or camera) are actually a symptom of a mental disease that is linked to narcissism, mental illness, and addiction that is what this article by the International Business Times seems to posit.  Now put down the camera while these nice men fit you with this white jacket that buckles in the back.

Speaking of brown shirts the tolerance police has cracked down once again on the sins, or at least the perceived sins.  Brendan Eich the inventor of Javascript six years ago contributed $1000 to proposition 8.  Now after being  the CEO of Mozilla for only two weeks he has been forced to resign because of the pressure against him by gay activists  who says that everyone can have their own views as long as they support and affirm the rightness of their view even if goes against what they hold.  Keep in mind that the list of prop 8 donors is still out there, (prop 8 donors) and it will just be a matter of time for another donor to be shamed by the the tolerance police.

Our last two entries  can be filed under the wacky and weird.  Cryptozoology is the study of mythical creatures like Bigfoot.  Well earlier this year a guy by the name of Rick Dyer claimed to have shot and killed a real Bigfoot that he had lured in with barbeque ribs.  He had pictures of the creature’s corpse and claimed to have sent the DNA to a university for confirmation.  Except for the fact that Rick Dyers is a notorious con man and it turns out that a creature shop called Twisted Toys made the Bigfoot for Dyers who told the owner that he needed a movie prop.  Truthful lips endure forever,but a lying tongue is but for a moment. Proverbs 12:19

And last it appears the holy grail has been found.

Experts claim that the cup used by Christ in the last supper has been found in a church in Spain.  Two historians say the cup was stolen by Muslims taken to Egypt and then finally given to the king of Spain after it was disguised  by jewels.  Others disagree saying the grail will never be found.

And that’s it for tonight.


Frenetic Friday

First I’d like to share with you this video:

This wonderful brother who was entirely paralysed was the creator of and maintainer of the Reformed Baptist Church Directory .  When I became convinced that I was a Reformed Baptist his website was one of the first ones that I looked at to find a church in my area.  (Unfortunately there are no Reformed Baptist Churches where I live, still.)  This dear brother has gone home to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  John’s witness and testimony to the grace of God in his life is one of the most incredible and inspiring things I have ever read and truly this world is poorer by his passing.

Now turning from something inspiring to something that truly disgusts me.  Advertising is everywhere people will even rent out their shaved head to sell a product or have a product advertisement painted on their car.  But what if your pastor put up an advertisement for his latest book on his pulpit?  Amazed?  Disgusted?  Shocked?  But as James Duncan of Pajama Pages points out that is exactly what is going on with many celebrity pastors.  Read more here:  Celebrity pastors are selling their pulpits for commercial gain

Do you like mixed martial arts (MMA)?  It can be really great or really a bunch of guys sweating on a mat, seriously be honest.  But the guys at the Reformed pubcast pointed me to this:

These guys have made some high tech armor that register shock levels when struck but the person inside the armor isn’t harmed at all.  The inventors of the armor suggest that this is the next step in MMA where fighters can now use traditional weapons (staffs, nun-chucks, escrima sticks, etc…) with no physical damage to the fighter.  Supposedly if the damage was serious enough the power inside the suit could be shut off effectively immobilizing the loser.

Others however are not impressed another martial artist Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny says that real weaponed fighting should have the element of pain or it isn’t real enough.  Either way MMA could be changing again.

Now here’s an example of freedom of speech at UC Santa Barbara.  A feminist professor steals a sign of a 16 year old  prolife protestor who was in the free speech circle.  The altercation that followed  was recorded on a camera video phone and appears below.

The website of the professor lists her areas of study as: Pornography; Sex Work; Black Film, Popular Culture and Art; Feminist & Queer Theory; African American & African Diaspora Studies; Visual Archives; New Media; Ethnography; Oral History.  Says it all I think.

Last we have a religion of peace update:  Saeed Abedini a christian pastor arrested for meeting in the homes of Christians in Iran, which isn’t against any Iranian law, is being brutally beaten and denied necessary surgery to relieve the pain in his stomach caused by the beatings.  Read more about Pastor Saeed here

Have a good weekend.


Frenetic Friday

Welcome to Frenetic Friday and here we go…

On July 29, 1775, the Continental Congress established the military chaplaincy. Chaplains were paid $20 per month, and provided “forage for one horse.” So let’s see what has happened in the two hundred and thirty-eight years since Congress established the chaplaincy why it seems that Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes quoted a former president Dwight D. Eisenhower’s statement that “there are no atheists in fox holes” in an article about chaplains and the rabid atheist group Military Religious Freedom Foundation contacted the base commander and requested that he put a stop to Reyes’ anti-secular diatribe and reprimand Lt.Col. Reyes. Understand, Reyes was talking about chaplains and not atheists yet because of the one reference to atheists he was attacked , and the his article was pulled from the website it was posted on. One wonders what General George Washington would have responded to attacking the institution that he had a part in creating?

In case you hadn’t heard the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their son George Alexander Louis in honor of that I give you the Kingsmen:

Want to have some guests over unexpectedly? Google backpacks and pressure cookers and get a surprise visit from a terrorist task force. Course this shouldn’t surprise you since the FBI are now using malware to spy on you and turn on your smart phone’s microphone.

Religion of Peace Alert in news from Saudi Arabia a man trying to start a Liberal website has been sentenced to 600 lashes and seven years in prison. Oh and the website has to come down.

Robot OverLords Alert: just when you thought it couldn’t get worse well their making robots that crawl and fly

And last here is something from the Keith and Kristyn Getty: In Christ Alone

Well Denny Burk has an excellent post on the PCUSA decision not to place this song in their new hymnal because of this line from the third stanza: The wrath of God was satisfied

No wrath for the PCUSA just because it is biblical.

That’s it for a late Friday night thanks folks!

Frenetic Friday

Okay it is time, past time for another FRENETIC FRIDAY!


And so let’s begin with a something from England and the Religion of Peace.

So in England an Anglican school where 75% of the students are Muslim it has separate prayer rooms one for the boys and one for the girls, and has decided to remove Christian hymns from it’s assemblies. You have to wonder just how much more they will remove and still refer to themselves as an Anglican school?

Oh and watch what you say about Islam especially on social media as the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights. Of course inflammatory isn’t really defined as to what that means.


Now let’s switch over to some good news. In Portland a Dr. Michael Ciampi has decided to stop accepting all forms of health insurance and instead has posted his prices on the practice’s website. This has caused him to loose some patients but Dr. Ciampi says by removing insurance as a factor he can charge what he thinks the patient can afford. With insurance for an office visit he had to charge $160.00 but now without insurance he only charges $75.00 and he makes house calls if you can’t come to the office. When besides the movies have you seen a doctor making a house call? Hopefully this is a sign to other doctors as to what can be done.

And here is the coolest wedding party picture ever:

Dino wedding party

ht:  Geekologie

And speaking of the Doctor, yes I know I was just speaking of a doctor but he isn’t The Doctor so here is a little something for the fans:

And that is just episode one.  A big HT to Frank Turk

And because it has been awhile let’s check in with our Robotic Over Lords.

Here is the top three humanoid robots:

And here is the PETMAN robot testing camouflage clothing.

Just think camouflaged robots makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it.

See you later.