Earworm Wednesday: You Say ~ Anthem Lights

So every day as I went to work when I first turned on the radio this song by Lauren Daigle was playing. Well guess what was stuck in my head. Anyway the guys from Anthem Lights does an excellent cover and here it is:

Earworm Wednesday: Chris Creech

So I am going to do something different for today’s Earworm Wednesday. Meet Chris Creech who makes parody songs about Christian Twitter. When I first saw this video I laughed myself silly.

I then found out that he was only posting these on Twitter. So I pleaded, cajoled, whined until he agreed to put them on YouTube also.

So if you’re on Twitter follow him and subscribe to his channel on YouTube and have a laugh.

Earworm Wednesday: Mr. Blue Sky ~ Postmodern Jukebox

Well gentle readers it was a toss up today between Outfield’s Your Love or ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky. So I put it to a vote on Twitter and ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky was the clear winner. Democracy in action.

As you may know one of my go to groups for alternative covers is Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. The claret haired chanteuse singing is Allison Young. Enjoy.