Earworm Wednesday

Management would like to announce that there will be no Earworm Wednesday this week.  Please tune in next week for another Earworm Wednesday.  


Earworm Wednesday:  Wichita Lineman ~ Restless Hearts Band

So Glen Campbell died yesterday.  As a young boy my parents favorite TV shows tend to be around country music performers, Glen Campbell being one of them.  I was reminded of him when Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2 used his song Southern Nights in their soundtrack.  So here is one of the songs he is best known for Wichita Lineman done by the Restless Hearts Band.


What do you mean it is Wednesday?  Well unfortunately I have had my eye on the ball nose to the grindstone and my ear to the ground.  Which hasn’t really given me a chance to listen to anything other than podcasts.  So no Earworm Wednesday today.  But stay tuned who knows when a song will ricochet off the inside of my head and come out here.