Robert C. Sproul Jr. ~2-13-1939 -12-14-2017

What can I say about R.C. Sproul that hasn’t been said by wiser and more eloquent writers than myself?  Nothing.  All I can tell is what his ministry and writing has had on my life.

When I was burned out on shallow evangelicalism, when every sermon in church was just about the rapture I discovered Reformed theology.  And one of the first books I picked up was The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul Jr.  This book was instrumental in changing my view about God.  Soon I was searching the radio stations trying to find out when Renewing Your Mind was playing.  And then when I couldn’t find it I subscribed to the podcast.   I subscribed to Table Talk  magazine and read and reread the articles.

And over the years there have been other teachers that I have listened to and learned from most I learned about through Ligonier Ministries but R.C. Sproul has always been the voice of reason and discernment that I trusted.  Pray that God will raise up another R.C. Sproul