So my laptop died the other day and I had to replace the hard drive with a new one.  I opted for a solid state drive and after I installed the drive and reinstalled the operating system I was doing my usual “Things to do after installing Xubu 16.04 LTS” when I noticed a caveat regarding solid state drives.  It was a warning that solid state drives need a few extra tweaks to make it work well and long.  So I have yet to do the tweaks because​, well, I haven’t done this before and my natural inclination is to read about it five times and then do it around midnight.  

So I am obsessing over the fine tuning, and since it is spring Mrs. Keachfan wants me to remove non-working hardware.  Which everything in my little hacker heart screams no.  So I will be busy this week and still try to get a few thing written.  

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  1. Oh, Xubuntu! Bestest, most wonderfulest, and awesomeful Linux distro in the history of ever! I’m using Xubuntu-Core (just the system, the Xfce desktop with those cool Xubu settings and nothing else) to keep my ancient relic desktop out of the landfill. I chose all my own applications and stuff. Very cool, and still Xubu at it’s heart. I’ve never dealt with solid-state hard drives, though, so I’d be grateful if you post what you learn here and I’ll pass your wisdom along to my “Technophobe” readers!


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