Movie Review: Kubo and the Two Strings

Producer: Travis Knight, Arianne Sutner
Director: Travis Knight
Writers: Shannon Tindle, Marc Haimes
Cast: Charlize Theron, Art Parkinson, Ralph Fiennes, Rooney Mara, George Takei, Matthew McConaughey

Plot: In ancient Japan a young one eyed boy, Kubo, tells tales in the market place for money and cares for his sick mother who tells Kubo he must be back brfore dark every day. One day Kubo disobeys his mother and is found by his aunts, thralls of the Moon Lord, who wants Kubo’s other eye. Kubo’s mother sacrifices her own life to protect Kubo and tells him that he has to find his father’s armor and sword to protect him. Kubo flies off using the last of his mother’s magic and awakens with a monkey watching over him. This monkey and later a giant beetle help Kubo to find his father’s armor and sword and confront the Moon Lord.

This was made by the same studio that did Coraline and ParaNorman and animation wise it is well done.  Yet the story just didn’t hold my interest in the same way as Coraline or ParaNorman.  Now granted I am not the age range that this film was aimed at, but even so the story could use something, to punch it up a bit.  

This is no longer in the theater and I rented it via a streaming service.  It is OK for kids there are a few intense scenes but nothing that will have them running for their bedrooms to hide under the covers. If kids still do that.  

Kubo and the Two Strings gets three stars out of five.