Frenetic Friday

And what a long strange two weeks it has been.  If you recall dear readers I asked for prayer regarding my sister’s cancer.  Well on the very next week my niece, my sister’s only daughter died suddenly.  We still don’t know why she collapsed and died two days later.  The autopsy report told us nothing.  Tomorrow is the memorial service which unfortunately I can’t attend.  

So if it is a while before the blog starts posting again it’s because we are trying to put our lives back together.  Pray for us.


2 Replies to “Frenetic Friday”

  1. Omygosh, bro. I am definitely praying for you and yours. So much tragedy going on in the lives of my friends and I lately! I’m grateful to know that God has a good and wise purpose for all of this – otherwise I think I would just give up hope.


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