Updates and requests

So because I have gotten a little behind on my movie reviews this week both here and at Credo Covenant I will be doing movie reviews all week long.  And maybe a Frenetic Friday here.   

On  personal note my sister has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time.  She has fought against it twice before and has come close to being cancer free for a number of years but, another tumor has been found and in a place where surgery seems to be not an option.  So please pray for her.  


2 Replies to “Updates and requests”

  1. YOU’RE behind?! Not like I am, bro. Most of my workdays have been 14 hours for weeks now, and by the time I get home it[‘s all I can do to stay awake long enough to eat anything before collapsing into exhausted slumber. I’m nearing the last knot on my rope and I’ve lost 40 pounds since I started this job.

    I feel bad for missing the last several Theology Thursdays. But I know folks understand. Prayers up for your sister, my friend.


  2. Well my friend it sounds like you are definitely working by the sweat of your brow. Don’t loose too much weight you were thin in the last picture I saw you in I don’t want to see you next to emaciated in the dictionary as an illustration. Thanks for keeping my sister in prayer she is a believer but this is going to be hard on her and her son.


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