Movie Review: Masked Saint

Director: Warren P. Sonoda
Producer: Cliff McDowell
Screenplay by Scott Crowell
Cast: Brett Granstaff,Lara Jean Chorostecki, Diahann Carroll,Patrick McKenna, Roddy Piper

Plot a former wrestler becomes a pastor and then turns to wrestling once again to pay the bills. He then inadvertently becomes a masked vigilante to deal with the crime in the neighborhood around the church.

This is based upon the book “the Masked Saint” by Chris Whaley. I haven’t read that nor have I met the man but he should disassociate himself from this movie. This is has everything I dislike about “Christian Films”. It has wooden acting, a bad plot that has too many clichés, and poor production values. There are far more interesting and worthy Christian Films out there to watch and I suggest you find one an skip this,

I give this no stars.


3 Replies to “Movie Review: Masked Saint”

  1. Yeah, sadly I never made it past the trailer. I have met “the man”, as he my senior pastor back in my home town, Lake Wales, FL. He performed my wedding ceremony also. I never read the book and what I did pick up from the movie trailer, it was nothing at all like the real character as portrayed.


    1. Well I was wondering what you would think of my review. I am glad that you didn’t take offense. But it was not a good movie and frankly I wish I had read the book it would probably been better.


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