Os Woes

Unfortunately I decided to upgrade my 32 bit machine instead of just doing a clean install of the new LTS release.  And it has been 16 hours.  I have actually started this yesterday and went to bed got up and went to work and came back and it still isn’t done.  
And that is why it is better to do a clean install than upgrade.  I have learned my lesson.  Although my friend and companion Robin will probably tsk tsk when he reads this.  


4 Replies to “Os Woes”

    1. Don’t be sad it’s just my Toshiba laptop that originally ran XP until it couldn’t any more and then I placed Lubuntu on it and made it work better than the original OS. Besides I have done this so many times before I can do it in my sleep and have! 😂


  1. You’re right, tsk tsk! Fresh install with a preserved /home or /data partition is always better. But so you don’t feel bad, I did the sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade thing myself on TWO computers! With the usual hodgepodge of unsatisfactory results. So when I get a chance in my 70-hour workweek I’ll do fresh installs of LXLE with Xfce on top.


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