Theology Thursday: Antichrist(s)

Long overdue – thanks one and all for your prayers while I have been recovering – here is the final post on comparative eschatologies, bibilcal/orthodox and unbiblical/fanciful. In this final post, we’ll look at what the major schools of eschatology teach about the Antichrist or Antichrists:

To Postmillennialists, the antichrist is viewed in the past, as various individuals, a movement or spirit (1 John 4:3) of deception. The Apostle John warned that even in his own lifetime, “many antichrists have come (1 John 2:18).”

To most Amillennialists, the antichrist is a future individual who gains political power over the whole world before the return of Christ. Other Amillennialists share the Postmillennial view and point to numerous examples, from Nero to Hitler, and some to the Papacy. Because of the Amillenial view of the worldwide decline of the culture and the church being driven underground, the former opinion makes more sense in the grand Amillennial scheme. Historically, world domination is the goal of every conqueror-dictator. Sooner later one is bound to succeed, at least for a time.

Historic Premillennialists teach that the antichrist is a future individual who inflicts persecution of Christians before the “rapture” at the end of the tribulation period.

Dispensational Premillenialists teach that a future world dictator will persecute both Jews and Christians, reaching the peak of his power after the rapture. “Mid-trib” advocates, say it occurs 3 1/2 years into the 7-year tribulation period.


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