Frenetic Friday

It’s Frenetic Friday folks and that’s all the warning you need. Adult conversations are ahead so buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride.

For our first example of the thought police coming soon to this nation I give you Exhibit A: Disagreeing with transgender people has the potential for you to be arrested.  At Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles California a Loyola alumni office employee made the mistake of discussing traditional Roman Catholic teachings regarding gender ie:  There is only male and female.  Of course this was reported to the university’s Bias Incident Response Team and the Los Angeles police department as  a hate crime.  Now here is a little something to think about Loyola Marymount is a Jesuit College one where traditional Roman Catholic teaching is supposed to be upheld.  But not any more I guess. <source> HT:  Dr. James White

Exhibit B:  From an article dated April 19 from the Baptist News Global.  A United States Civil Right Commission has denounced the “religious liberty” laws backed by some of the Southern Baptist conventions as being homophobic, transphobic, and marginalizing the gay and transgender communities.  These laws of course are to protect the religious freedom of people who because of their deeply held beliefs can’t and won’t perform same-sex weddings.  The commission calls this: “a larger, alarming trend to limit the civil rights of a class of people using religious beliefs as the excuse.”  <source>

And finally we have Exhibit C:  Georgia Bureaucrats listen to Dr. Eric Walsh’s sermons and fire him.  Walsh a devout Seventh-Day Adventist, a former member of the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, had accepted a job in Georgia as a district health director when Georgia officials became aware that he’d delivered a number of “controversial” sermons on his own time — sermons where he articulated orthodox Seventh-day Adventist positions on, among other things, human sexuality, Islam, evolution, and the corrupting influence of pop culture.  After learning about the sermons the director of human resources sent an email to department employees giving them an assignment of listening the Walsh’s sermons.  This was done and after listening to the sermons one employee reportedly told Walsh that you can’t “preach that and work in public health”.  Needless to say  Dr. Walsh isn’t working at the Georgia Public Health and has filed suit claiming religious discrimination.  <source>


Thank you for reading tonight’s Frenetic Friday dedicated to the erosion of our freedom.  Just remember Big Brother is watching you.


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