Frenetic Friday

Some assembly required.

You know there are times when I think that I’ve seen the zenith of depravity something comes to show me that they can even top that.  Case in point Planned Parenthood was exposed for selling baby parts and not only that but planning how to get the parts needed that they sold. Hard to top that right? Wrong! Britain’s National Health Service has come out with a plan where women who have children with fatal birth defects in early pregnancy will be “encouraged” to keep their babies until they are born and once they are certified brain-dead will then be turned over for organ donation. Of particular interest are babies born with the brain defect anencephaly where they would keep their heart beating once declared brain-dead so that the organs could be harvested “fresh”. Trouble is that some babies born with anecephaly live and the older they get the less likely they can use the organs and there lies the rub. But read the article for yourself here and here. HT: What’s wrong with the world.

Beautiful picture isn’t it?  A lovely young girl for the model.  This girl, Madeline Stuart, is at nineteen years old the only model with Downs Syndrome.  And on the Cosmopolitan website they can’t make enough out of her and how her career is empowering other Down Syndrome people.  And I think it is great especially since elsewhere on the website they had a conniption fit over an Indiana bill that prevented abortions just because the babies have a disability such as Downs Syndrome! (here).  Isn’t wonderful that from one side of their mouth they praise Madeline Stuart for empowering people with Downs Syndrome and on the other side they complain about not being able to kill them in the womb.

BTW March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day  Here is a PSA for it.

That is actress Olivia Wilde in the PSA.

Have you seen this debate on renewable energy?

If you’ve watched that debate, and yes it was supposed to be on renewable energy, you will see that the protagonists in this debate are advocating that white students should kill themselves because of “white privilege”  This isn’t a joke this is exactly what these two debaters believe.  And it isn’t a debate tactic just to win the debate.  No these are the heartfelt beliefs of these two Social Justice Warriors.   And where was this debate at?  Harvard.  (source)

We’ll that is it for this Frenetic Friday come back next week.