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And now coming to you live from the secret cave underneath Superman’s fortress of solitude in the Arctic it is the Frenetic Friday show! Accept no substitute, void where prohibited by law.

Religion of Peace Update:
Mosul, Iraq:There is evidence via satellite images that the oldest Christian structure in Iraq has been destroyed by ISIS. The Saint Elijah monastery — also known as Dair Mar Elia — was located on the outskirts of Mosul. It is unlikely that the 1400 year old monastery collapsed because of age rather by examing before and after satellite images it appears that the monastery was pulverized to dust. Also there appears to be bulldozer tracks leading to the monastery.

Now ISIS has not claimed that they have done this but circumstantial evidence points to them. They occupied Mosul in 2014, and they are notorious for destroying any type of religious shrines including Moslem ones.

Islamabad, Pakistan:  A boy mishearing what an Iman said during his sermon raised his hand when the Iman asked who didn’t believe in Mohammed’s teachings.  They boy thinking he asked who followed Mohammed’s teachings raised his hand.  The Imam called the boy a blasphemer in front of the entire mosque.  Arriving at his home the boy then chopped off his hand!  Placing the severed hand on a tray he brought the hand to the Imam.  Only then was he taken to the hospital.  The boy’s father has praised his action saying that he did it for the prophet.  The Imam has been arrested and charged on an anti-terrorism charge for inciting violence.  Blasphemy is a serious crime in Islāmic countries and carries the death penalty.  Enraged mobs have killed many accused of blasphemy.

The Deadliest Year:  What makes 2015 memorial for you?  Was it the birth of a child?  A marriage?  Perhaps a new job?  How about “the  most sustained attack on the Christian faith”?  The Christian persecution watch group Open Doors said  7,000 Christians were killed for their faith between Nov. 1, 2014, and Oct. 31, 2015.  For the fourteenth year in a row North Korean topped the list.  It is estimated that 50,000 to 70,000 people were imprisoned in its labor camps.  This doesn’t surprise many as the leader of country has created its own religion “Dear Leader”(source) and to worship anyone else is against the law.  Especially if it is someone who has a higher authority such as the Jesus Christ.

Again is surprises no one that the other countries on the list typically have fifty percent or greater Muslim population and Islāmic extremism is the engine of the persecution.  (source)

Politics:  Yes unfortunately it is that time once again where just about every thing you see on the great flat screen has to do with politics.  Since we can’t escape it let’s be selective. 

So let’s talk about the affordable care act or as it is commonly called Obamacare.  If you’ve been one of the lucky ones who had to go to you may have been over whelmed by your choices.  But did you know that as your income rises your health care options worsen?  Yes John Podczerwinski found that if you expect to earn $51,000 a year you’re not allowed to buys the same insurance as someone who has $49,000 a year in earnings.  Read:  I accidentally found even more awful things inside of Obamacare 

It is the anniversary of Roe v Wade and even as millions march let’s look at some hard facts.  Did the video expose by Center for Medical Progress really change hearts and minds.  Let’s not be delusional. Those that promote abortion know that it is a baby, they know that they are killing  another person, they believe they have the right to do so.  So why didn’t the videos change anyone’s mind?

Read:  Why nothing has changed despite the Planned Parenthood video expose by Daniel Friedman

Mark Lamprecht gives what I consider the best quote about politics:

The whole system of my politics is summed up in this one verse, “The Lord reigns! Let the nations tremble!” Psalm 99:1 – John Newton

Robotic Over Lords: I once again would like to state that I welcome our Robotic Over Lords especially now.  In an article on CNN Money experts in the field of robotics called on world leaders to prepare for killer robots.  A killer robot is: ” a self-directed robot that can be programmed to target and kill people without human intervention.”  They point out that combining the technology of self driving cars and drones you can create such a robot.  And while they may not exist right now, it is just a matter of time. (source)

Speaking of drone the Telegraph reports that the pentagon plans a fleet of laser drones to shoot missiles down.

The earlier experiments used a 747 to shoot a laser and destroy the missile but planes require fuel and need to land.  The latest drone technology can stay aloft for days at a time which is superior to the plane prototype.

The challenge now is to develop lighter weight lasers with longer ranges, that can be fitted to the latest drones, capable of staying aloft for days at a time.

“You’re going to need as much power as you can get to destroy as many boosters as you can,” said Vice-Adml Syring.

“If you can balance that range, altitude, power and number of boosters you need to defeat to help augment our kinetic capability, you’re thinking about the problem exactly right.” (source)

And that is it for Frenetic Friday.


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