Earworm Wednesday: David Bowie ~ Heroes

Music as a good friend of mine is want to say isn’t neutral. David Bowie, who died earlier this week from cancer wasn’t neutral regarding his music. I can’t say that I am a big fan of his work there are songs of his that I enjoyed. And his brief foray into acting wasn’t horrible either.

However at the The Federalist they ran an article saying how Bowie, who lived in Germany during the seventies, contributed to the downfall of the Berlin Wall.  In Bowie’s own words:

It was one of the most emotional performances I’ve ever done. I was in tears. They’d backed up the stage to the wall itself so that the wall was acting as our backdrop. We kind of heard that a few of the East Berliners might actually get the chance to hear the thing, but we didn’t realize in what numbers they would. And there were thousands on the other side that had come close to the wall. So it was like a double concert where the wall was the division. And we would hear them cheering and singing along from the other side. God, even now I get choked up. It was breaking my heart. I’d never done anything like that in my life, and I guess I never will again. When we did “Heroes” it really felt anthemic, almost like a prayer. However well we do it these days, it’s almost like walking through it compared to that night, because it meant so much more.  (Source)

After the concert a riot broke out on the east side of the wall and a week later Reagan asked Gorbachev to “take down that wall”.  So enjoy Heroes.