Frenetic Friday Night

And now coming to you live from the secret cave underneath Superman’s fortress of solitude in the Arctic it is the Frenetic Friday show!  Accept no substitute, void where prohibited by law.

So, the Pope, has issued a document about salvation and the Jews ( see here ) in the document it lays out two different covenants one saves the believers in Christ, the other saves the Jews not by believing in Christ rather by keeping their old covenant. Theology matters (@ James White and what the Pope has done goes against everything the Bible teaches concerning the Gospel and who is to hear it. (Romans 1:16). Take a look at what Dr. White had to say regarding this:

And now from the serious to the seriously stupid, you might want to sit down for this, in Colorado a new Bible study group has emerged they smoke marijuana and study the Bible. I’ll wait until you pick yourself off the floor I did warn you.  Stoner Jesus Bible Study combines marijuana use and scripture reading.  One of the newest members, JeTaun Brown, says “reading the Bible stoned enables people to relax and focus. She says, I think you have a deeper thought process which makes you better understand.” Mark Button, a member of the group, who has always been a devout Christian, says he has heard the word of God “over and over and it never clicked (and now) it clicks.”  So much for the Spirit of God opening up the scriptures to the believer.  (1 Cor. 2:12-14; 1 John 2:20,27) (BTW notice what 1 Cor. 2:14 says about people who don’t understand what scripture teaches).

They study various sections of the Bible which they say have a direct link to smoking out. They say pot smokers are open-minded people and God’s word is also for open-minded people. For example, Pastor Greg says the Beatitudes teach the group “to be kind and loving and have mercy on other people; not to be judgmental and that’s why we like the 4/20 crowd because we are open minded.”  <source>

Seems to me a lot of smoke and mirrors.

And now in Robotic Over Lord news:

Corpus Christi is no place to commit crime especially now since the newest weapon in the police department is a drone.  Police used it to track down some suspects that they suspected were carrying guns near a school yard.  Because of the low noise level of the drone it makes finding the suspects easier as opposed to a helicopter whose blades make more noise.  And while the drone isn’t actually credited with capturing the suspects the police did say it made it easier to get through potentially dangerous back yards as they were apprehending the suspects.  <source>

Herzogenaurach, Germany, Adidas is opening up a new factory that will make 500 shoes via robots.  With the rising cost of Asian wages Adidas is looking to trim its costs by using robots instead of humans.  The factory will have about ten human workers initially but Adidas intends to go fully automated in the future.  Ultimately they want to develop machines that can create custom designed shoes for customers. <source>

And good night.


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