Does this offend you?


This was put up by Adam4d on Facebook and then Facebook removed it saying that it violated community standards.  Frankly I was gobsmacked who knew Facebook had community standards.  But it seems that it does and according to those standards Adam4d violated the rules. But, what if Adam had changed a few words?  Now I am no artist so I am not going to even attempt to try but looks at a conversation.


Guy1:  I am afraid of Christians they’re weird and judgmental and they think they’re better than me!

Guy2:  I hate Christians!  I hate them! They are #@%!!

Guy3:  I call Christians bad names and I hit them because they’re disgusting!


Guy4:  I am not a Christian and I disagree with them about what they believe but I think they have the right to exist.

Now I got to be honest I don’t think Guy4 exists on Facebook but let’s pretend that he does.  Does the conversations offend you?  If so why?  Tell me do you think that non-Christians are Christophobes?  Are you a Christophobe?  Or are you the mythical Guy4?

BTW Adam4d did a follow up to this cartoon called WE DON’T ALLOW THAT.

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