Frenetic Friday Night

Well I’ll be super amalgamated it is Frenetic Friday Night!

Well in the dark tea time of our soul it is time to take a look at the shift in the cultural norm to see what is the latest developments.

The current ruling by the federal government says that a high school in Chicago must open the girls locker room and showers to a biological male that thinks he is a girl.  So fourteen year old girls are forced to have a male watch them undress and shower and even have to watch him undress and join them in the shower.  Breibart news summed it up with this little list:

  • If you’re a boy who shows a picture of your penis to a girl in your class, you have likely violated both federal child pornography laws as well as local sexual harassment laws. If this happens consistently in your school, the school has violated Title IX.
  • If you’re a boy who says he’s a girl, the girl must be placed in position to see your penis and testicles. If the school does not allow this, the school has violated Title IX.
  • If you’re an adult who sexually touches a child with the consent of the child, you have committed a crime, since children are incapable of consent.
  • If you’re an adult who gives a child hormone therapy or surgery to prevent normal development of the genitals, with the consent of the child, you are a hero.

So you can say that this is the exact time when the federal government went insane.

In the same vein it turns out that a gay man adopted the man that he had fallen in love with.  He did this because five years ago they didn’t see gay marriage as a reality so in order to be together the elder adopted the younger.  Now they want an annulment of the adoption so they can get married because a judge has denied their marriage license because they are father and son.  Read the article here.

And south of the border in Brazil three lesbians have married each other.  Seems the Brazilian laws that legalize same sex marriage can be applied to polygamous unions too.  Funny I seem to have heard that somewhere before.  Seems the traditional marriage proponents may have gotten this one right.  Not that I am surprised.

Lastly in an article from the November 3 Washington Times it is reported that ‘Gay’ rape has increased among males in the military. It was reported that 12,000 men have reported being sexually assaulted and of those almost 4000 have reported being physically penetrated aka raped.  Because of the stigma involved in this it is suggested that they actual number of attacks could be higher.

Elaine Donnelly, who runs the Center for Military Readiness, said male-on-male sexual assaults have been increasing since Congress repealed the gay ban in 1993 and replaced it with “don’t ask, don’t tell,” which was erased by President Obama to allow openly gay service members.

“DoD figures have shown that most sexual assaults on men are perpetrated by other men, not women,” she said.  Read the full article here

Turning to politics an activist with Project Veritas took a hidden camera video of a Vassar administrator shredding a copy of the US Constitution after being told that it was “triggering” and only shredding it would make her feel better.

You can learn more about Project Veritas here

And since it has been a long time since we checked in with our Robotic Over Lords it is time to see what they are up to don’t you think?

Because of the forced increase in wages one restaurant CEO says that he foresees many of the jobs now done by people being replaced by robots.  Now that doesn’t mean we are going to see this:

Instead what will happen is that more digital kiosks will be present with touch screens where you can order and pay for your food.  Yes there may be a human cashier and cooks, although the cooking process could be automated also to some degree.  But actual people taking orders will decrease, and with the increase of digitalizing the ordering process including from your smart phone the need to staff these restaurants will decrease and there will be less jobs for those who would got to places such as this to learn needed job skills to get a foot hold in the job market.  You can read the article here:  Restaurant CEOs predict robots will replace over priced labor.


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