Frenetic Friday Night

Let me extend a welcome to the new readers of the blog.  I am glad you’ve decided to stop by. 

First from PJ Media a bit of science and theology:

And lest you think I am pulling your leg you can read about the experiment here

One further comment on this particular byte of information. It is always easy for those who hold to a materialistic worldview to reduce faith, and belief down to chemical reactions in the brain. What they haven’t done is explain why one set of chemical reactions are more true than another one. There is no right or wrong with chemical reactions they just are. But, Christians see all of us as image bearers of God and belief and faith is a response to the truth of what God has revealed and not just a chemical reaction.

Do you watch reality television? The nothing really “real” about reality television, but there is one that I must confess I’ve watched a time or two. It’s called Chopped. Chef’s are given a basket of ingredients and told to make various courses with the ingredients. And the ingredients usually include something pretty outlandish like butter beans, ostrich egg, and crème de mint. Now make breakfast.

So the Federalist had a recent article about a North Carolina bar holding a fund raiser for Planned Parenthood. The theme? Chopped.

Think about that, a fund raiser for a company whose main purpose is to chop up babies into parts having a theme called “Chopped” it is sickening. Federalist: NC Bar fundraising for Planned Parenthood

And now something completely different.

Have you seen this? This guy builds a house using primitive tools, yes I know that really doesn’t sound too impressive. Well how about he builds a house, a kiln, and makes his own roof tiles, using just primitive tools? You had me at roof tiles.

Now that is reality television. See you next week.


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    1. I agree but I think Christians need to be trained to use it better. Doug Wilson is one of the few people who can use sarcasm in a way that shows the folly of the skeptic’s views.


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