Frenetic Friday

I am thinking I might rename these posts to Frenetic Friday Night might be more appropriate considering when I finish posting at times.  Reader participation invited.

Pastor Matt Whitman
Matt Whitman
Not Matt Whitman
Not Matt Whitman

<–Have you seen this man?  That clean-shaved head, that lantern jaw, those steely eyes, obviously the stunt double for Jason Statham right?  Well you would be wrong!  But not by much!  This is Pastor Matt Whitman of Lander Evangelical Free Church, and the host of Ten Minute Bible Hour!  Pastor Matt is married and has three children he studied church history and theology.  Which makes him perfectly suited for Ten Minute Bible Hour!  Now I know you’re wondering does he take an hour of bible study and condense it into ten minutes of concentrated intense tightly packed bible teaching that you just add water to expand it out?  No he doesn’t, what he does provide is a slightly comical and fun look at scripture while teaching the deep truths of the bible.  Take a look at his YouTube channel

Seriously check him out.

So this popped up on twitter (HT: Frank Turk)

Kelsey-Gram-shirt-Instagram-640x480And every liberal on the planet has gone insane.  I personally think that if you’re going to “break the Internet” then a picture that promotes life and not abortion is better than some celebrity sans clothing.  So thank you Kelsey Grammer for standing up for babies.  If you want a tee-shirt like this then go to

Changing the subject just a little on October 5th a protest was held at the hallowed halls of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Can you guess why? If you said it was because they were having a seminar on homosexual and trans-gender issues you would be a winner.  Seems the protesters didn’t like the idea of a group of pastors and biblical counselors gathering together into a seminary and talking about homosexual behavior especially not from a biblical view-point.  Albert Mohler (boy I am just name dropping all over the place today) pointed out that it wasn’t too long ago that a leading homosexual activist said that faith belongs in the “pews, homes, and hearts” but when we try to have our faith in our pews what happens?  Which just proves the lie for what it is they won’t allow us to have our beliefs any where we have to march in locked step with them or face the consequences.

Okay there is going to be a test.  I warned you that it was coming and now it is here:

Thirty-three on the Three in One

Yes it is thirty-three questions on the trinity and yes I missed one question which means I have to read James White’s book on the trinity again.  What’s the name of the book glad you asked:

The Forgotten Trinity

Now take the test first and then buy the book unless you have it already.  Then re-read it.

That is it for this Frenetic Friday see you next week!


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  1. I missed one too. Probably a common mistake. Oh, and my new favorite pro-Life teeshirt says “God planned my parenthood!”


      1. Okay, I just took the test. Missed 3, a couple of the wordings I chalk up to semantics, I had a different definition for a particular word. Anyway…I will take it again after reading the book.


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