Frenetic Friday

The trouble with a target rich environment is where to start shooting.

And that analogy leaves some thing to be desired but I am not sure what it is yet.

So by now I am sure that all of you have heard of the fallout caused by the Ashley Madison hack.

And I feel like I need to say a bit about it however, Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio actually said it best:

Before you run headlong into condemning repentant Christians exposed and crushed in the Ashley Madison hack, you should be careful to pause and humbly reflect about the fact that there is a Holy God Who knows every moment of your browser’s history; for as long as you’ve had it. He is also well aware of your thoughts over the last 48-hours. All of them.

Grace. Restoration. Love. For all repentant.

Christians are not supposed to eat their own. We can uphold God’s standards without destroying those to whom God has shown grace.

And that says it all.

And speaking of saying it all Pastor Doug Wilson posted the definite statement regarding Kim Davis the Rowan county clerk that has been jailed for not issuing a marriage license to a gay couple.

In Which I Paint With Some Bright Yellows

A consensus appears to be developing among otherwise reasonable people that Kim Davis, of Rowan County fame, either needs to start issuing marriage licenses or quit her job.

For those just joining us, a county clerk in Kentucky is refusing to issue marriage licenses against her conscience and is also refusing to resign. Her name, which should be on a bronze plaque on the side of the courthouse, is Kim Davis. A federal judge has ordered her to appear in his courtroom Thursday to explain why Davis should not be held in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses.

File this under sentiments which seem extreme at the time, but heroic when the danger is over, and you are reading them inscribed on the base of a polished marble memorial.

But there is a difference between contempt of court and seeing that the courts have become contemptible.  <Read More Here>

ht: Menn0knight

Oh and here is the text of the law regarding marriage in Kentucky:
Kentucky Constitution
Section 233A
Valid or recognized marriage — Legal status of unmarried individuals.

Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Kentucky. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.
Text as Ratified on: November 2, 2004.
History: Creation proposed by 2004 Ky. Acts ch. 128, sec. 1.

So who actually is upholding the law?

Julie Roys has done us a service by posting a guide to the Center for Medical Progress videos.  If you or friends of yours haven’t seen these videos they need to do so.

Here is the guide: What You Should Know: A Guide to the Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood

Robot Over Lord Alert:

Have you seen this:

When I was a callow youth this was the robot of choice :


There is obviously been a leap in technology.

And that is it for Frenetic Friday.


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