Earworm Wednesday: God be Merciful to Me

I posted on Monday that the blog posts would be sparse as I had some family issues. Well I’ve decided to share with you what happened. Monday I got a call from my son telling me that the house that he lived in was on fire. He was at work but he could see the flames from his work. The fire department was there but the building was a loss they were just trying to keep it from spreading. My son was devastated as his cat was in the house and it looked like he had lost him to the flames. However, later as my son was looking over the damage he found his cat and the vet said that he is a miracle because there is no trace of smoke inhalation or burns on him!

So I was thinking on all this , on the mercy and grace of God, and how he kept my son safe from the fire not only him but everyone that lived there. And I realized that I didn’t think to thank God for this gift he gave me, that I have my son, that he is alive, and that it is more than I deserve.