Frenetic Friday

Better men than I have written on the tragedy in Charleston and the young man that did the killing however one of the things that appeared yesterday was this post by gospel singer Marcus Stanley a man that had been shot eight times while touring.  This is the post he left on Dylann Roof’s Facebook page before that page was taken down,

The Gospel is the solution to hate.  <source>

With all the various labels being thrown around, transracial, transgender, etc.. Here ar Keachfan we are going to lump this under Trans-issues.

So speaking of that Rachel Dolezal now that she has stepped down as the head of the NAACP in Spokane Washington she has been asked to leave the ombudsman post she also headed.  But she wasn’t in Spokane when this occurred no she had jetted over to the Today Show to be interviewed where she again asserted that she identified as “Black”.

However, some have taken issue with the idea that race is like gender is all in the mind.  Tamara Winfrey Harris writing in the opinion page of the June 16 New York times says that

Some people have pointed to this strange case as an illustration that race is malleable. I submit that Ms. Dolezal is a reminder that it is not. Racial identity cannot be fluid as long as the definition of whiteness is fixed. And historically, the path to whiteness has been extremely narrow.

And then later writes:

Being able to shift one’s race is a privilege. Ms. Dolezal’s masquerade illustrates that however much she may empathize with African-Americans, she is not one, because black people in America cannot shed their race. We cannot proclaim the black race a nebulous concept, while strictly policing whiteness and the privileges of that identity. I will accept Ms. Dolezal as black like me only when society can accept me as white like her.



So two celebrities were in the news today, who you ask?  Why Bill Nye the science guy and Pope Francis.

Seems Bill, the science guy not the tropical storm, blames the floods in Texas and the warm weather is cause by man made global warming.  Well meteorologists weren’t having any and took Nye to task.

Bill Nye the bloviating, low information “climate guy” … not taken seriously by any meteorologist. — Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) June 16, 2015

@BillNye you stand for everything that is wrong in the world of climate/atmospheric science — Ryan Breton (@RyanBretonWX) June 16, 2015

Then there is Pope Francis, he just finished up an encyclical that lays out what the good Roman Catholics should do regarding climate change.  But as Al Mohler points out:

Pope Francis has also tied the credibility of his papacy to scientific arguments that may well change over time, perhaps radically. <source>

 So if climate change is proven wrong, And the pope has egg on his face metaphorically speaking what does that do to his credibility?  And as a protestant should I care?  My standard is the unchanging Scriptures.
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