Frenetic Friday

Frenetic Friday is people! People!
And a thousand bonus points for correctly identifying the movie, two thousand for the book it was made from.

Speaking of people, in the Pacific Northwest we may have the first trans-racial person.  Rachel Dolezal is president of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP, and has told many people that she is black, a term she prefers over African American.  The only problem is that her parents are both white and have a birth certificate that says she is white.  They maintain that she has lied to many people telling them that she has a black parent and that ethnicity is white, black, and Native American.  Her parents say that her ethnicity is Czech, German, and a little Native American.  They also have a picture of her as a girl with blond hair and blue eyes.  When confronted with these facts Rachel Dolezal said it was complicated but insisted that she was black.  When informed of this turn of events the NAACP said they supported Rachel <source>.

I think that what we have here the obvious next step in the trans-revolution we already know that gender is fluid according the trans-gender movement so it is obvious that is true also regarding the trans-racial movement.  You are what ethnicity you feel you are DNA not needed, birth certificates, who cares!  We are seeing the future here.  Oh by the way I am centaur on my mother’s side myself.

Continuing on in this merry-go-round of silliness we have a website that has made art gluten free.

Here is a Vermeer that has been deglutened.

Yes that is much better no?   Gluten Free Museum

So let’s go back to politics for a moment or two well just a moment.  This from the Wall Street Journal amid the push to get same-sex marriage legal in all states certain employers are informing their gay workers that to keep their health insurance they have to get married.  Needless to say this has caused some push back.

Over the past decade, a growing share of companies has offered coverage for gay employees and their partners as a way to provide equal benefits for couples who couldn’t legally wed. Others companies offer coverage more broadly to unmarried domestic partners, regardless of sexual orientation.

Now, some employers who offer benefits targeting same-sex partners say it is only fair to require those couples to marry where legal, just as their straight co-workers must do to extend coverage.

That is causing some consternation among gay and lesbian employees and their advocates, who say they could be vulnerable to discrimination. Because marriage certificates are public, the documents may end up “outing” an employee, says Selisse Berry, chief executive of Out and Equal, a workplace advocacy group for gay and lesbian employees. The majority of U.S. states lack antidiscrimination protection for gay and lesbian employees, so workers can be fired for their sexuality, advocates say.  <source>

Now let’s talk about the Lutherans.  Yes I know I’m a Reformed Baptist but sometimes you go to hand it to them for sheer inventiveness.  I give you Little Luther!

Little Luther

Is that great of what?  Now why didn’t the Baptists think of Little Spurgeon?

Continuing in a similar vein you might be a Lutheran:

1. You use the word “jackanapes” in casual conversation.

2. Someone holds the door for you and you accuse him of works righteousness.

3.  You fall asleep in church but insist you were only remembering your baptism.

4. You ask if there’s a Communion wine that tastes more like beer.

5. You think the pope is the antichrist but still a Christian.

6. You have a T-shirt that reads “All Cretans are liars” (see #5).

7. You’re a staunch Republican even though you think Lincoln was guilty of unionism.

8. You keep calling Philipp Jakob Spener a pietist even though no one is saying otherwise.

9. You failed your driver’s test twice because you were convinced it did not rightly divide law and gospel.

10. Your broke off your first engagement because your intended did not express sufficient ambivalence about Philipp Melanchthon.

11.  You broke off your second engagement because your intended thought the “Second Martin” was Marty.

12. You wrote Everlast and asked if they would market a line of speed bags called “Zwinglis.”

13. You think the Thirty Years War had one more good year left in it.

14. Your gmail password is “GustavusAldophus1632.”

15. When your first child was born, you haunted every grocery store and pharmacy looking for a formula called “Concord.”

16. You believe 95% of life is adiaphora.

17. Your spouse caught you late one night watching YouTube videos of Davey and Goliath.

18. You think Kim and Khloé Kardashian would be more interesting if they were named Antilegomena and Homologoumena, respectively.

19. You once mailed Mother Teresa a biography of Katie Luther.

20. You’re convinced this is the Most Lutheran Man in the World.  <source>

That’s all for Frenetic Friday!  Come back next week.


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  1. “Equality” is what the gay folks wanted – now it’s obvious they want to be “more equal than others.” And I congratulate you on your courage in telling the whole world that you are a centaur. Now that (political) science has proved that race and gender – and who knows, maybe even species – are fluid and defined by how one feels instead of how one is made. We used to have to cosplay to be who we really are – just for a day or two. But now, thanks to brave people like “Caitlin,” Rachel, and you, we can not only ditch the old costumes and makeup, but demand that others accept us “for who we feel we truly are.” I should “out” myself as well, once I get up the courage… you inspire me, bro! 😀


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