Frenetic Friday

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  This isn’t a trick question, welcome to Frenetic Friday.

So let’s start with the latest news sinners sin.    I know,  there I go being Captain Obvious again but here’s the reason: Josh Duggar has admitted that when he was fourteen years old that he inappropriately touched four of his sisters and one other female.  Now here is another obvious thing he wasn’t a Christian then.  Now everyone is up in arms, the Christians are up in arms because a fourteen year old boy who wasn’t a Christian acted like a sinner.  Sinners are up in arms because a fourteen year old boy who was raised in a Christian home acted like them.

So what does this mean?  It means that Christians are sinners saved by Christ.  He paid for Josh Duggar’s sin if Josh Duggar is trusting Christ to save him.  And this is the part that confounds sinners: Josh Duggar, right now, trusting in Christ, is not guilty of those sins any of his sins.

Let’s file this under you just can’t win.  So a Canadian Christian jeweler made two wedding rings for a lesbian couple.  They paid their money and went away happy.  They told their friends their friends went to the jeweler and found out that the jeweler had a sign supporting traditional marriage.

Well the lesbian couple blew a gasket they believe that the rings have been tainted and they want their money back.  Well initially the jeweler stood up for his rights, after all he didn’t discriminate they wanted rings he made them rings.  And that is when the online bullying and threats started.  So he gave them back their money.  So Christians what have you learned today.  You can make cakes or rings for those that oppose traditional marriage but if you don’t whole heartedly agree with them then you are still in the wrong.  See it isn’t about equal rights it is about Christians denying their faith and they won’t let up until that happens.  <source>

Well let’s go from Canada to the state of Arizona where a church feud is brewing.  Seems that eight churches, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Non-denominational have teamed up against a local Methodist church.  In a series of banners and sermons the various churches have thrown down the gauntlet against the Methodist church pastor’s teaching about Progressive Christianity. (click the link to learn what Progressive Christianity is).  The ministers that have aligned themselves against the Methodist pastor point out that it is matter of truth of the Bible which they say the Methodist minister denies. <source>

And last but not least you ever make cars out of Legos?  Well a Romanian teenager built a life-size car from regular Legos running on compressed air.  And here it is:


And that is Frenetic Friday.