Frenetic Friday

You open the cupboard door there is a glimpse of it just behind the corn meal, you move the ingredients to the side and see Frenetic Friday.

And let’s just jump into politics, school politics.  In Meriwether County Georgia a local high school principal says he is being fired for praying with students during a volunteer Christian meeting.
Dr. Michael Lehr says that he stepped in for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader.  During which time he read from the bible and prayed with the people there.  Two days later at his annual evaluation he was put on indefinite leave until his contract runs out in June.  Several students and parents spoke out against what was happening.  The superintendent of the school isn’t commenting.  <source>

Bruce Jenner has been in the news, frankly at one point he was on every channel.  But the best thing I saw was this opinion piece by Russell Moore:

What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner?

In the 1970s Bruce Jenner seemed to have it all—fame, wealth, admiration. He was an Olympic star, so popular in American culture that he was reputedly considered for both the roles of Superman and James Bond. That’s changed. Now, Jenner is best known as the step-father on reality television’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Jenner is now ready for one more change. He says he knows what he’s been missing: his identity as a woman. ..Read more here

The Confessing Baptist has posted a link to 32 videos by National Center of Family Integrated Churches “Family  Foundations in Sound Doctrine” where they discuss the 1689 London Baptist confession. <source>

Now in tech news an enterprising coders has done what many would consider to be impossible.  An app that blocks any mention of the Kardashians basically it’s called KardBlock, and its makers say, quote, “If there’s anything on your newsfeed, the website you’re on, whatever . . . we simply make it disappear.

“You won’t ever know the stories about the Kardashians are there, because you won’t ever see them.”

I myself have a list myself of various annoyances that I would like blocked I wonder if they take suggestions? <source>

Do you remember the segway?  Yeah that never really caught on did it?  Well how about a unicycle?  A motorized unicycle introducing the Ninebot One:

Now ask yourself can you see business men riding to work on these things?

That is it for Frenetic Friday