Q. 15. What kind of mediastor and deliverer should we look for then?
A. One whom is truly human and truly righteous, yet more powerful that all creatures, that is, one who is also true God.
Rom. 1:3; 1Cor. 15:21; Heb. 2:17
Isa. 53:9; 2Cor. 5:21; Heb. 7:26
Isa. 7:14; 9:6; Jer. 33:6; John 1:1

Q. 16. Why must he be truly human and truly righteous?
A. God’s justice demands that human nature, which has sinned, must pay for its sin, but a sinner could never pay for others.
Rom. 5:12, 15; 1Cor. 5:21; Heb. 2:14-16
Heb. 7:26-27; 1Pet. 3:18