Movie Review: Mercy Rule

Producer: Steven Istock, John Sacco, Philip Sacco
Director: Darren Doane
Writer: N.D. Wilson
Cast: Kirk Cameron, Chelsea Noble, Nicole Neilson, Bas Rutton, Jared Miller

Plot: Cody Miller is a young boy with a dream; he wants to be the pitcher for his little league team. John Miller, Cody’s dad, could be losing the family business to an unscrupulous lobbyist. Both of them are ignoring their greatest strengths: their family and their teammates. It takes faith, family, and teammates for them to discover the solutions.

There is both good and bad with this film. First the good: a family is portrayed in reality. Yes the father isn’t portrayed as a clueless bumbling oaf. Rather he is shown as a hard working man concerned about his business, his employees, and his family. The mother isn’t portrayed as a wise cracking know it all rather she is concerned for both her children and her husband trying to be a help mate to her husband rather than usurping his role.

The bad, I got to be honest the storyline is muddled. I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a baseball movie or a movie that was showing how government regulations can take away family businesses. The melding of these two plot points could have been much better and would have made the film more enjoyable. The other quibble I have is that Bas Rutton, who played the baseball coach hammed it up way too much in this film. If he was supposed to be the comedy relief his timing needs to improve. The other gripe is that the production values could have been better there is a “grainy” look to this film that distracts me and I really wanted sharper clearer images.

In the beginning of the film Kirk Cammeron says that he wanted to bring a good family film to people who want family films. This is a family film, I wouldn’t have a problem showing to my pastor and worry about sex scenes or heavy profanity. However, would it keep his interest? I can’t say that for sure.

I am giving this three reluctant stars.


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