Frenetic Friday

Eugenics, now if you’re not familiar with the word let’s do a little definition here. Eugenics is a movement based upon the idea that by genetics the perfect human can be made. It’s not a new concept, just ask any of the surviving jews that still have a tatoo on their arm. Or any of the many women of color that were sterilized so that they wouldn’t have any more children. So why are we talking about eugenics? Nobody holds to that any more do they?
Surprise, surprise eugenics is a live and well. And being pushed by the desire for gay couples to have children. Look at what is now being offered to gay couples they can choose who will be the sperm donor or egg donor based upon looks, intelligence, and by whether their genome is free of defects. Which speaking of now we with science able to modify human embryos genetically how soon until the ultimate designer baby? Do you want blue eyes? Red hair? Tall? Predisposed to be athletic? Higher intelligence we can program that in to your next baby. Does your genetic profile has certain tendency to breast cancer we can remove that for you. And frankly that is how they will convince you of this, they will point out that Aunt Viv died of breast cancer so if you and your spouse are planning on children your really ought to get this procedure done…

Ask yourself why there are fewer down’s syndrome babies being born, yes this too is a form of eugenics, after all down syndrome is a “bad” gene. So why bring them into the world if you can kill them instead?

Seventy years ago we ended a madman’s dream of the perfect human race. My father, and uncles fought in that war and I ask myself is this what they have inherited? A “kinder gentler” eugenics?

Sources: (Designer Babies? It looks like eugenics and racism to me) Are designer babies on the way? Down Syndrome births are down in the US.

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