Frenetic Friday

And here we are once more into the Frenetic Friday!

As you may know the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) has changed the constitution’s definition of marriage from “a man and a woman” to “two people” and to allow their ministers to perform same-sex marriages where legal.

Many of my acquaintances expressed disbelief and outrage that they would do this. However, this really shouldn’t be a surprise the seeds of this was seen back in the 1920’s when J. Gresham Machen led the conservative revolt against the PCUSA and with some godly men created the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) which holds to the Westminister standards which the PCUSA rejected. So while this has been a long time coming there should be no mistake it was going to happen. Plus R.C. Sproul Jr. said it best on his podcast we should be outraged not at the fact that they have allowed same-sex marriage but at the fact that they have rejected the scripture and it’s clear teaching. (Keachfan paraphrase)

Now switching from religion to politics, did you know that Oregon has passed a bill that automatically makes every person who has reacted with the 2013 DMV will get a ballot in the mail. So basically you no longer have a choice you are registered to vote. Now some may think this is a good thing after all more voters mean more votes. But does that mean more informed voters? But wait there’s more!

President Obama has said in a non “specific policy prescription” that voting should be mandatory for all citizens pointing to countries like Australia and Belgium where if you don’t vote you are fined.

So let’s take this to the logical conclusion. Oregon passes a law that automatically makes you a voter whether you want to be one or not. Next Obama opines that mandatory voting should be the law of the land. What are the goals here? Well according to one analyst the goal is to get the disenfranchised, the minorities, and the poor a voice. But again will these voters be informed on the issues or just seduced by fancy slogans and promies? Will this really help? What if you don’t want to vote where is your right to opt out of the process? Plus if there are fines how is that an incentive to vote smart? Even though we may have the lowest voter turn out does forced voting make good citizens?

Now let’s jump over to Japan and a truly disturbing news item.

There is a scene in the Incredibles where the character Dash, a second grader, learns that he can run on water this causes him to give a out a delighted laugh. That is one of the sounds of children, laughter, there is also shouting, crying, cooing, if your a parent you know the sounds. Now imagine if you will (in my best Rod Serling voice) a country that has a negative population growth. In fact if it is at the point that if the trend doesn’t change there may not be enough people to sustain the country. With this in mind you would think that day cares for children would be a no brainer. Well you haven’t counted on the not in my backyard brigade. Many neighborhoods in Japan are saying they don’t want daycare in their neighborhoods. Children are too noisy they say and are suing to make sure they aren’t allowed. Not allowing children what a concept. Ultimately one that will result in no children at all. A government think tank has forecast that just 7 percent of the nation’s population will be under age 15 in 2060, in a worst-case scenario that sees the total population shrinking by more than a third to less than 80 million. (source

Now onto weird science. Danish scientists have created a crystal that can draw oxygen out of the air and water. Now this is to help those with respiratory problems so they don’t have to drag large canisters of oxygen with them. But this can also help divers using just the crystals they can carry small amounts of crystals instead of tanks and using the crystals get oxygen from the water. (source)

Robotic Over Lord Alert!
Do you see this?

This poor woman was attacked in her sleep when her robot vacuum cleaner came out and chomped on her hair. The fire department had to come and get her hair out of the jaws of the robot. (source)

But don’t despair our Robot Over Lords aren’t without mercy.

Here you see a drone taking a life preserver out to a drowning man. Because of the speed of the drone it can reach the man way before the lifeguard dropping the life preserver to the man so he can stay afloat until help arrives. (source)

And finally are you tired of how tv and movies portray Dads as bumbling, ignorant, boobs who fail in everything they do especially when it comes to parenting? Then this is for you my friend:

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