Prayer Requests

I have been sent home.  I have been given a boat load of antibiotics that I must finish.  But I have some prayer requests:

1.  The drugs have made me lose my appetite and my sense of taste literally everything tastes the same. And I have no sense of being hungry, I must force myself to eat.  Yesterday I made myself eat most of a pancake but I didn’t eat again for twelve hours until I was told to eat.  This is dangerous in two ways:  If I don’t eat I won’t build up my strength and could suffer another relapse.  Second I am diabetic if I don’t maintain a balanced sugar level it could put me into a coma or seizures.  So not eating can put me lower than is good for me.  Please pray that my taste and hunger returns.

2.  My extended hospital stay has weakened my body to the point that even standing is a major effort.  Walking exhausts me to the point that I am panting when I cross the room.  Please pray for my body to heal and become stronger.

3.  I am depressed I have a tendency to forget that Christ is sufficent when I am sick and my feelings take over and they just lead me toward depression. I recognize it but I am not always willing to give my struggle to my Lord and rest in him.  It is a sin.  Pray that I can daily kill this sin. 

Thank you.


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  1. I’m so sorry, brother. I hope you have plenty of support at home. No shame in leaning on others, my friend. Prayers up for you.


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