Theology Thursday: Evandalism

Today when I filled up my fuel tank I found – and removed – a sticker with Bible verses and an evangelistic message affixed to the gas pump. I’m embarrassed by that sort of thing, despite being an evangelical Christian myself. It’s vandalism!

Yeah, well maybe it’s vandalism, but it’s Christian vandalism, so it’s okay.

Horse poo. There’s nothing Christian about vandalism. Graffiti is graffiti. Vandalism is vandalism. Littering is still a crime. But when a crime is committed in the name of Christian evangelism, it’s no less despicable than when it is committed for any other reason.

Oddly enough, it’s the same kind of person who is so easily offended by trivial little things that has no problem with “Christian” vandalism. When I see “Christian” littering (like gospel tracts left in public restrooms) or “Christian” trolls bashing gay people in Internet forums, or “Christian” vandalism like the sticker on the fuel pump, I remove it, refute it, or apologize for it. It’s about respect for the very values we claim to cherish.

You can’t both ways, Christian “evandalist.” And I’m tired of apologizing for you and cleaning up after you. Knock it off.