Where’s Keachfan?

I know what you’re thinking, I’m going to post a large photos with me in a stocking hat and a red striped shirt.

On Monday at three am I went to the hospital. I had an infected leg that had swollen to three times the normal size. I had no idea at the time how infected my leg was I thought I would be out in a short time. I am still here.

The infection isn’t going away I have had multiple bags of antibiotics poured in my arm to no avail. The doctor has changed me to stronger antibiotics Thursday and a surgeon is looking at MRIs of my leg to determine if surgery is required to remove the infection.

Please pray for me, pray for my doctors that they will make the right decision for my leg. Pray that the new antibiotics will make a difference and clear up the infection.

Pray for me that I don’t succumb to depression as I can’t see the change I want to see. Pray for the emotional well being of my family as they have been waiting to hear good news that doesn’t seem to come. Pray also that I can use this to glorify God even more as I rely upon His grace.

From my hospital bed grace and peace.