Earworm Wednesday: Hero ~Ilia Anderson

Now I never saw Boyhood in fact I didn’t know anything about the film when I first heard this song. I actually heard it in a Korean drama that I was watching on Hulu. So since it is time to get this blog up and running again. And thanks go to Robin for all his efforts. But I am getting better so it is time to get back on the horse. Which is why we have one of the best covers of this song I can find. Enjoy.

Prayer Requests

I have been sent home.  I have been given a boat load of antibiotics that I must finish.  But I have some prayer requests:

1.  The drugs have made me lose my appetite and my sense of taste literally everything tastes the same. And I have no sense of being hungry, I must force myself to eat.  Yesterday I made myself eat most of a pancake but I didn’t eat again for twelve hours until I was told to eat.  This is dangerous in two ways:  If I don’t eat I won’t build up my strength and could suffer another relapse.  Second I am diabetic if I don’t maintain a balanced sugar level it could put me into a coma or seizures.  So not eating can put me lower than is good for me.  Please pray that my taste and hunger returns.

2.  My extended hospital stay has weakened my body to the point that even standing is a major effort.  Walking exhausts me to the point that I am panting when I cross the room.  Please pray for my body to heal and become stronger.

3.  I am depressed I have a tendency to forget that Christ is sufficent when I am sick and my feelings take over and they just lead me toward depression. I recognize it but I am not always willing to give my struggle to my Lord and rest in him.  It is a sin.  Pray that I can daily kill this sin. 

Thank you.

Theology Thursday: Evandalism

Today when I filled up my fuel tank I found – and removed – a sticker with Bible verses and an evangelistic message affixed to the gas pump. I’m embarrassed by that sort of thing, despite being an evangelical Christian myself. It’s vandalism!

Yeah, well maybe it’s vandalism, but it’s Christian vandalism, so it’s okay.

Horse poo. There’s nothing Christian about vandalism. Graffiti is graffiti. Vandalism is vandalism. Littering is still a crime. But when a crime is committed in the name of Christian evangelism, it’s no less despicable than when it is committed for any other reason.

Oddly enough, it’s the same kind of person who is so easily offended by trivial little things that has no problem with “Christian” vandalism. When I see “Christian” littering (like gospel tracts left in public restrooms) or “Christian” trolls bashing gay people in Internet forums, or “Christian” vandalism like the sticker on the fuel pump, I remove it, refute it, or apologize for it. It’s about respect for the very values we claim to cherish.

You can’t both ways, Christian “evandalist.” And I’m tired of apologizing for you and cleaning up after you. Knock it off.

Theology Thursday: Missions and the Prosperity Gospel

As if Benny Hinn and other health-and-wealth teachers haven’t exploited enough people already, lately they are “crusading” in third-world nations.

When you carry their teachings to their logical conclusion, though, it only makes sense. It is the poorest of the poor who most desperately need prosperity and healing. So naturally, the folks who support teachers of the prosperity gospel have to insist that the prosperity message be brought to “those who need it most.”

But what of missionary efforts already underway in these third world tribes? How does the message of the media stars impact the work of missionaries who cannot offer promises of riches and divine health, but only simple gospel of salvation from God’s just wrath against sinners? As you might imagine, opposition to the truth is multiplied by the itchy-eared.

Even though the prosperity teachers cannot hope to profit from the desperately poor, they must maintain the appearance of taking the prosperity message to the desperately poor who “need it most.”

Here is a recent example, described by a missionary of the true gospel. He describes his own efforts to counter this exploitation and deception. He describes the angry opposition he encountered from those who have heard what they wanted to hear and eagerly accepted it, and who now fiercely defend their new hope against the truth.

There was a long period of time when I complained loudly to the Lord for many months about the proliferation of false teachers, hirelings and charlatans taking advantage of the Lord’s sheep.

“Judge them, O Lord! Save Your people from being ruined by those who would shear Your sheep; killing them and feasting on Your little lambs!” I cried.

Until I realized a terrible truth:

These false teachers are God’s judgment! He will judge the false teachers in His own time. Just as He sent the Babylonians to judge His own people first, before sending Persia to judge the Babylonians! He will eventually bring “Persia” to judge “Babylon” for bringing false teachings to His sheep. But He judges His own before He judges the world.

Benny Hinn and his fellow heretics are God’s judgment against itchy-eared sheep,

who, wanting to have their ears tickled, gather for themselves teachers in accordance with their own desires, and will turn away from the truth, turning aside to myths (2 Tim 4:3-4 emphasis mine).

Indeed, such was I once. And

such were some of you, but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God (1 Corinthians 6:11).

Many among those being deceived are to be called out later on, and they will need help, just as I did, to overcome the fables and superstitions they were taught. It takes time and patience. But that is why this little forum is here. ExCharisma is a tool for those who have been exploited, betrayed, and damaged by these false teachings. But even if you, dear reader, are not among those who once believed these things, please consider those in your circle who have quit going to church after being betrayed by these self-serving wolves who prey upon the itchy-eared, and now are broken, confused, and have no idea who to trust anymore or what is true anymore. If they’re seeking some plain ol’ back-to-basics gospel truth from Scripture alone, tell them they’re not alone. Tell them about one little sidekick who found his way back. Tell them about ExCharisma.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.