Movie Review: The Equalizer

Director: Antoine Fuqua
Writers: Richard Wenk, Michael Sloan, and Richard Lindheim
Cast: Denzel Washington, Martin Csokas, and Chloe Grace Moretz

Plot:  Robert McCall is a well spoken quiet man who works with his neighbors in the local chain home improvement store.  Most nights finds him at a local diner drinking tea and reading a book.  There he meets a young girl, a local street-walker called Teri, but her real name is Alina, (Chloe Grace Moretz) she sees him reading and strikes a conversation with him.  This continues until one day after she gets a call from her pimp she returns to the dinner with a bruise on her face.  McCall decides to walk Teri home when her pimp pulls up in a car slaps Teri and hands McCall his card telling him to contact him and he will get McCall a better girl.

When McCall returns to the dinner the next night he learns that Teri has been beaten with an inch of her life.  He decides that it is time to do something.  For you see Robert McCall isn’t who he seems to be at all.

So it seems that in the small circle of friends and acquaintances I seem to be the only person who ever watched the original television series with Edward Woodward.  And while there are elements of the original series in this movie this is a completely different treatment.

Antoine Fuqua takes Denzel Washington and turns him into a CIA wet works master.  This shows in the small details which I especially liked.  For instance there is how Denzel’s character looks at his watch and calculates how long whatever he is planning will take, or how he precisely places various things that he might need so that it will be right where he needs it when he needs.  Lastly there is the 1000 yard stare that Denzel’s character takes when he is about to do some violent action.

And lets be clear here when Robert McCall goes into action it is almost always violent and final.  There isn’t a “lets shoot someone’s leg and leave him alive business” this is a final solution, the ultimate judgment, the hand writing is on the wall and you’ve been found wanting.

But it isn’t just violence, Denzel’s character cares for the people around him.  He helps his co-workers obtain their goals no matter what they maybe.  He is a man who wants to be more than just a master of violence he wants to change to become a more rounded person.  This is revealed when he is talking to Teri and explains that the books he is reading is from a list of 100 books to read that his wife had started before she died.  So he is determine to finish the list that she couldn’t.

And just a bit of trivia here at no time do you ever see Denzel Washington use a gun. Even when someone gets shot by a gun Denzel is just manipulating the person holding the gun to shoot the person he wants shot.

I enjoyed this movie a lot there is some swearing and a lot of violence this is definitely a 17 and above film.  I am giving this movie four stars out of five.


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