Movie Review: The Princess and the Pilot

To Aru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku , “Recollections for a Certain Pilot”
Director: Jun Shishido
Written by: Satoko Okudera
Charles Karino ( Karino Sharuru) voiced by Ryunosuke Kamiki
Juana del Moral (Fana deru Moraru) voiced by Seika Taketomi

The Levamme Empire is at war with the Amatsukami Imperium in the middle of it the princess (Juana del Moral) has been betrothed to a prince of the Levamme Empire and for her to be married she must travel to the main land. To prevent this the Amatsukami Imperium has been trying to assassinate her.
Enter Charles Karino an illegitimate half Levammian half Amatsukamian mercenary pilot. Despised since his youth because of his half Amatsukamian heritage he has been insulted and kicked around by the other pilots who are full Levammian. But he despite his birth is the best pilot of them all. Because of this he has been chosen to fly the princess to her husband to be who awaits on the mainland.

So in a twin seater reconnaissance seaplane Karino sets off for the mainland, but it becomes obvious that the enemy knows of his mission and is determined to kill both of them.

I found this to be a nice light romance with enough action to keep it interesting. The best part of the movie, and my prejudices are showing here, is the aerial battles between the enemy pilots and Charles. And the animation is consistently beautiful through out the movie. The predictable romance between the princess and the pilot isn’t too cliched and the ending is typical of anime of this type very bittersweet.

If you like Studio Ghibli movies you will like this movie. But this isn’t a Disney Princess movie so there is no happily ever after. Rather this is more real life where people realize that they have responsibilities that are greater than just falling in love and running away.

I am going to give this movie three and half stars out of five. I saw this on Hulu Plus.


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  1. This is not really my cup of tea by the way the trailer looks, but eh, I’m really glad that you found it interesting. I do find it cool that there is no rosy happy ending. Makes thing a little more unpredictable.


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