Frenetic Friday: Reformation Day

Reformation Day

Thanks to Adam4d

Speaking of the state of theology Ligonier Ministries and Lifeway did a survey of theology and here is the infographic.

State of Theology

Don’t know about you but I think we need another Reformation to get us back to good theology and understanding of the scripture.

I’d like to direct you over to Fred Butler’s blog for an excellent post regarding Martin Luther:

On the Eve of all Saints Day.

So do you know this man?

Jan Huss

The term your “goose is cooked” came into being because of this man.  He is Jan Huss (Huss means goose in Czech) he is a pre-reformer a man who was burned at the stake for defying the Roman Catholic Church.  It was his writings that inspired Martin Luther.  Read more about this great man here:  John (Jan) Huss pre-Reformation Reformer.

Thanks for stopping by this is it for Frenetic Friday ; SEMPER REFORMANDA!!