Frenetic Friday

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men Frenetic Friday knows!

In our religion of peace update today the victim of the Moore city beheading funeral was today.  To update those of you who may not know Alton Nolan a former employee of a Moore food distribution center entered his former work place and attacked two women beheading one and stabbing another before being shot by an off duty deputy.  Instead of being labeled as domestic terrorism this was labeled as workplace violence.  Doesn’t that make sense?  Oh by the way did I mention that Alton Nolan Facebook page contains a post featuring the 9-11 attacks and praising them.  But the government says there is no connection to terrorists.

So continuing in this cheerful vein Ebola has come to Dallas Texas but the Howard university hospital has admitted a recent traveler from Nigeria that has Ebola  like symptoms read more here.

Steve Hayes over at Triablogue has an excellent post on the current regime’s lackadaisical attitude toward the Ebola outbreak.  Triablogue:  Resident Evil

An excellent Camilla Paglia article on why the modern campus cannot comprehend evil.  She makes an excellent point on how fragile civilization really is and how easily it is shattered.

And here is a little article from the San Francisco Chronicle:

“New law redefines consent at college” (Sept. 29) claimed that California’s new “affirmative consent” law regulating college sex “says that a person cannot give consent if they are intoxicated.” But it does not say this. What it actually says is that “consent” is absent when “the complainant was incapacitated” due to alcohol.

Most intoxicated people are not legally deemed “incapacitated” and can consent, as law professor Anne Coughlin and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education have noted.

I mean if my wife  and I have a little drink of wine before Many happily married people have sex after drinking. While some liberal Democrats who sponsored SB967 wanted to ban sex between intoxicated people, the final version of the bill does not do so.

Admittedly, the new law is disturbingly vague in other ways. Its co-sponsor, Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal (D-Long Beach), said, “Your guess is as good as mine,” when asked how an innocent person could prove “affirmative” consent.

Hans Bader, Washington, D.C.

Wait, wait, a progressive dictating what can or can’t be done in the bedroom?  Really?  Wow!  Who would have thought that would have happened?

Yes that was a rhetorical statement.

You ever see the Shawshank Redemption?  It’s basically about tunneling, which is what a Omagh plumber did for fifteen years tunneling from his bed to the local pub.  The reason?  His wife had a really bad snore problem and kept him up so he decided to dig.  He ended up in the woman’s toilet mop and bucket room.  It was just a hop and jump and he was in the bar.  This continued until the neighbor’s sewer pipe collapsed because a lack of support.  Once he was caught he said he was glad he was caught as he was tired of explaining to his wife why he smelled like drink in the morning.

And from the Art of Manliness:  How to Gird Up Your Loins.

Been a while since we did a Robotic Over Lords update so here we go:

Do you want to make the latest in robotic technology?  The new “soft robotics” has a tool kit that beginners or experts can use with a 3d printer and laser cutters to make your own robot.  Read more here:  Soft robotics toolkit.

Speaking of soft robots:

Did you like how that just crept under that counter like a giant pink spider?  I think they just created robotic arachnophobia.

And now for another reason on why I am no longer going to fly anywhere.

And finally a new design for robots this one imitates human muscles.

And that is it for Frenetic Friday.