Movie Review: Blue Ruin

Director:  Jeremy Saulnier

Writer:  Jeremy Saulnier

Actors: Macon Blair, Devin Ratray, and Eve Plumb

Plot synopsis:  A beach bum living out of his car and scavenging food and money out of garbage cans is brought into the police department  where he learns that  the man who killed his parents is being let out of prison.  He travels across country to the prison and after the man is released follows him to a club where he stabs him to death.  Only to find out that the man’s relatives have decided to take the law into their own hands kill him and his only living relatives: his sister and her two kids.

This is a sparse stripped down thriller that makes the most out of its minimalistic cast.  It is quiet and intense with the soft-spoken Macon Blair bringing forth an excellent performance as Dwight who has taken upon him the burden of revenge not realizing that revenge begets revenge until it is too late for everyone.  Also this has elements of a Shakespearean revenge tragedy such as Macbeth or Titus Andronicus  where the end culminates in the maximum display of violence.

The grim aspects of this film may turn some people off and the violence is a deterrent to anyone under sixteen.  Plus this isn’t a teen slasher film this is a thinking person’s film and proves the point that vengeance should really belong to God.

I give this film four stars out of five.




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