Frenetic Friday

Rising up from the murk shuffling into the light it is Frenetic Friday!

First here is a little news from New Zealand meet Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick.

They’re getting married and believe me they have a group of people up in arms.  They are calling the marriage and insult and that it trivialized what people have fought for.  Oh, did a I forget to mention that they were heterosexual friends and they are doing this to win a contest?  Yes this has Gay rights groups up in arms.  They are saying that this isn’t what they worked for this isn’t “equality”.  I have a question though if this is about “equality” and allowing who ever wants to marry then why should they care?  Shouldn’t they celebrate this?  Of course it is interesting to see the shoe on the other foot isn’t it?  On a side note Mr. McIntosh said that he thinks the marriage will last about two years.

You know I don’t like Bill Maher I really don’t but when he gets it right, he gets it right.  Here he is with Charlie Rose talking about Islam’s illiberal beliefs.  But the most important thing is where he shows Rose that comparing Islam to Christianity is the same as comparing apples to oranges.

So did you hear about the Arkansas State University football team that put crosses on their helmets to honor two people who died one a former equipment manager and the other a former player that had been gunned down.  Well that didn’t last a Jonesboro attorney said that violated the constitution because you know a cross decal on a football means that the university is promoting Christianity.  But the players were given an out they could modify the decals to look like plus signs.  Because you know promoting math is okay.  Read about it here.

And this just in, well not just in, but it seems that the Jack the Ripper murders may have been finally solved.  Yes modern forensic science has found DNA on the shawl of a victim of the Ripper that points to one of the five possible suspects.  It appears that a polish immigrant by the name of Aaron Kosminski was Jack the Ripper.  Read more about it here.

And that is it for tonight, good night see you next week.