Frenetic Friday


So here it is once again Friday and another frenetic post coming at you at the speed of hunt and peck.

  • So have you heard of the sailing stones of Death Valley?  They are rocks which mysteriously move through no observable means.  Well until now read about how an engineer, some GPS tracked rocks and time lapsed camera solved it.  Mystery of Death Valley sailing stones.
  • I was pointed to this list of 55 essential movies your child must see before they turn thirteen.  Now let me state right now I don’t believe there is an essential movie much less a collection of them necessary for any pre-teen  to see.  In reality I’d rather see a pre-teen read a certain list of books rather than movies.  However, there are some classics in the list although I question a pre-teen seeing Some Like it Hot, and some contemporary films that are quite good.  But you the parent should decide.
  • Recently Victoria Osteen in a church(?) service stated that we should do good for our own self not for the sake of God.  Of course the catechism (Q.2) teaches we do all things for God’s glory and to enjoy God.  But you know I think Bill Cosby said it best
  • The former psychiatrist-in-chief for John Hopkins, Dr. Paul R. McHugh, in the wall street opinion page of June 12, 2014 says that “reassignment” surgery isn’t the answer for people that have body dismorphic disorder in fact it may be the worst thing.  Read more here.
  • The Witherspoon Institute has an interesting article about how as Christian Churches  support same sex marriage  their views on pornography, polygamy, cohabitation, adultery, hook ups, and abortion also change over time.  Here is chart based on seven questions asked both gay and lesbians who attend church and gays and lesbians who do not attend church.  As well as those that oppose same sex read more of the article go here
  • In Robotic Over Lord news meet Jibo the worlds first family robot.    Don’t know about you but the insidiousness of our Robotic Over Lords is obvious to me make them cute, make them precious, make your family love them.  THEN IT BEGINS!
  • And that is it folks enjoy the weekend.